Helping Leaders Act with Empathy, Clarity and Compassion in a Crisis

This year, the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic have been intensified by a national outcry for racial justice and equity. Facing these societal challenges can come with grief and anxiety—all while doing our best to be productive and stay engaged at work.

Target has more than 300,000 team members globally, a vast majority of whom work in our stores and supply chain

Now more than ever, Store Leaders play a critical role in supporting their teams by adapting to uncertain times with clear communication and compassionate guidance. Many are turning to an internal website for Adaptive Leadership, available to store leaders and above, to receive ongoing development and equip themselves with new skills or a fresh way to lean into those they already have.

“With COVID-19, we’re navigating a world that’s rapidly changing, so Adaptive Leadership puts the focus on the things that matter right now—like resilience, inclusion and empathy,” said Layne Greer, Director, Leadership Development. “While these simple and practical tools and resources are an evergreen and permanent part of Target’s professional development portfolio, they’re curated for this moment, and designed to help leaders address their team’s most pressing needs.”



Users can read, watch or listen based on the time they have to invest, and can choose “micro-learning” modules that take just a few minutes—an especially effective option for time-constrained leaders in store and supply chain roles. And Adaptive Leadership content offers more variety than ever before for leaders at the store level; it lets users explore topics that match their personal needs, as well as what their team needs from them.

The topics strike a balance between personal aspects— physical, mental and emotional health—with the professional aspects of managing both the business and people. The site delivers a personalized, self-service user experience that gives leaders actionable insights and critical support during the pandemic and beyond.

With COVID-19 and the recent events in Minneapolis, Adaptive Leadership helps leaders connect with members of their teams who are emotionally impacted. A consistently evolving platform based on user feedback about what’s valuable and what’s still needed, the Adaptive Leadership site provides guidance for how to show up compassionately, while widening perspectives and helping team members prioritize and balance both work and life.

I stopped looking for balance in my life and found my passion!

I am often asked how I am able to find balance in my life as a mother of two, a wife, a daughter and a full time Target team member. My answer: I am not looking for balance, I am looking to spend my time living out my passion. I am extremely fortunate; my career, my hobbies, and my family are all centered on my passion of improving the health and wellness of others, including my own health.

As a behavior health scientist and Head of Population Health for Target, I spend my day working on implementing policies, systems and environmental changes that make the healthy choices the default choices for all of our Target team members and their families. This means creating a culture at Target where team members know that Target cares about their health well-being & wants to meet all team members where they are at on their wellness journey; allowing them to live their fullest & best life.

My work allows me to stay current and engaged in the ever-evolving field of health & wellness. I then get to take that knowledge and provide best practice science-based initiatives to our team members so they can engage in our health and wellness offerings. Through this engagement we see that because team members are working to improve their own health they are more productive, present, happy and compassionate at work and at home.

All of this wellness work is done by some of the best teammates & colleagues I’ve ever had the honor of working alongside. My colleagues care about making healthy the best option, and because of this deep care for health, we challenge each other to walk our own talk, work to improve the social determinants of health, and can say we are helping to fuel the potential of our team members, guests and communities every day!

As for balance, I am not striving to find a balanced life anymore. I’m not sure that’s the best advice to give someone. Instead, I recommend that you live a life that is filled with your passion. In return, I can almost guarantee you that you will feel an abundant sense of gratitude, satisfaction & fulfillment in your life.

Be well. Live well. Live a life filled with your passion.

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“When you come to a fork in the road, take it ” -Yogi Berra

When I started at Target 3 years ago, I was so excited to have landed an amazing job working in the health promotion field, just like my MA degree granted me the authority to do. My resume was solidly health focused—Corporate Fitness Center specialist, Public Health grant coordinator, and now an entry proudly baring Target’s name.

What most people didn’t know though was how much I thought about one single line on my resume: BA, English.

I couldn’t shake the feeling, yet again, that I was heading down a path that had nothing to do with English. I love health (like, I really dig it) but my first love of writing and communication was never far from my heart.

Even after I had started at Target and got the initial “so, what do you want to do next?” question, I felt like I couldn’t look back. The thought of doing something else caught me pretty off guard. Because, seriously, I had JUST started this super-great health job. And if getting the swing of things at Target wasn’t difficult enough, to also take on planning for what was next? Woof.

During that first year, even while I was working on really cool projects that I could have only dreamed about (like opening a Fitness Center, increasing café healthy food options, and biometric screenings) the nagging question of “is this really what you want to do?” didn’t go away. But the more times I asked myself that question and others asked me “what’s next?” the more I felt like it really was up to me to define my place at Target.

Then it hit me: even though health was why I was here, maybe the reason I would stay would be because somehow, maybe, just maybe I could find a way to rekindle my first love.

The more I started to tell people that I’d be happy to edit their anything-document, or draft their talking points, the more kudos (and confidence!) I got. It was clear to my peers and leaders that I really like that “English-stuff”.

And what do you know? Pretty quickly a fork appeared in the health-road I was on.

A little over a year ago I got my new gig working with my “old” team who still does all the super cool health stuff. AND I work with the communications team to write stories and the marketing team to design things like brochures, posters and giveaways. I write narrative responses to health-related award applications on behalf of Target and sometimes spend days editing communications all about health and benefits for our team members.

It’s like the absolute perfect job was created just for me. And though I’m not quite ready to think about “what I want to do next”, it is pretty cool to think that the road at Target can go nearly any direction I want it to.

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Shoo, Flu

We have officially entered my favorite season – fall! I love fall for so many reasons: the weather, the return of football, the colors of the leaves, the pumpkin spice lattes, and of course flu vaccines! Now, I don’t actually love getting the shot but I do love everything they do for our guests and our teams so I thought I would share a bit about it.

Influenza, more commonly called the flu, is a respiratory illness with symptoms of fever, chills, cough, sore throat, body aches, headaches and a runny or stuffy nose. The flu spreads when people cough or sneeze causing the bug to land on nearby people – gross! Flu illnesses typically peak in January or February and effect anywhere from 5% to 20% of the population. The Flu can cause lots of complications including sinus infections, ear infection, and pneumonia. Complications like these cause on average 200,000 Americans to be hospitalized each year and 3,000 to 49,000 deaths – now that’s serious!

The good news is we have a seriously good way of preventing the flu from getting you – the flu shot! According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the flu vaccine is the single best way to prevent getting the flu and the CDC recommends that EVERYONE 6 months of age and older get a flu vaccine. Even better news? You can get your flu shot at your nearby Target Pharmacy or Target Clinic- talk about convenient.  Target also offers several different vaccine options in addition to the traditional flu shot including a nasal mist, micro needle, preservative free, and high dose. Our Target clinicians and Target pharmacists are psyched about flu shot season and are ready to help our guests make the best choice for them.

Our pharmacy and clinic teams have been hard at work protecting our guests with flu vaccines for about a month now and they have given 150,000 shots already! But we don’t just want our guests to be healthy; we want our team to be healthy too! That’s why Target provides free flu vaccines to all Target team members. Being a partner in health to our team and guests while protecting our communities from the flu is really rewarding. So rewarding that our clinic and pharmacy teams are asking everyone they see if they want to get their flu shot today and having some really fun competitions to see who can give the most flu vaccines this season. And while they are giving those flu shots, I will be right there with them to help everyone to have the biggest, best and safest flu vaccine season ever.

So this fall while you are enjoying the changing leave colors and the return of football also think about preventing the flu with a vaccine. Our providers and pharmacists are ready to help you stay well this season – you can even enjoy a pumpkin spiced latte while you are visiting us!

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targeting your goals

Photo: description here

Hello, my friends! It’s been a while since I’ve posted because I’ve been pretty busy… with vacation! That’s right, now that the sun is shining in the beautiful state of Wisconsin and we’re actually getting some warm weather around here, I’ve been spending a few weeks recently dodging mosquitoes, enjoying patios at restaurants around the city, and taking in the sun. But while I’ve been out of the store, I completed a big personal accomplishment– I ran in a quarter marathon here in Milwaukee. I chose this goal a few months ago, and of course: it all started with Target!

One of the coolest things about Target has been their commitment to what we like to call “well-being”– okay… so what is that? Breaking it down, well-being is essentially being the best “you”; and Target has a lot of tools and resources available to help each team member realize that potential. We talk about well-being at Target as focusing on five different elements– health, social, career, financial, and community. You may have read about Nick’s post in relation to him and his team donating their time at Second Harvest Heartland– this is a perfect example of the community element of well-being. There’s other great examples out there among the bloggers that touch on the different elements too! Every Target store has a “Well-Being Captain”; a leader who helps coordinate the well-being environment in the store, which includes helping connect our team members to available resources, setting up well-being events, and just generally getting the team excited about well-being!

So way back in February, our store captain asked if I’d be willing to commit to a well-being goal for the year and then post it so others could see and encourage me (as well as encourage others to share their goals too). The rules were simple: the goal could focus on any of the five well-being areas and it had to be something I would need to work on, i.e. couldn’t complete tomorrow.  I decided to focus on Health, and in a moment of (what seemed then) craziness, I committed to running a quarter marathon in June. Okay: I’m going to level with you folks out there– at that point, I was not a runner. In fact, I had run a 5k about six months before and nearly had to be carried across the finish line (maybe that’s a little over exaggeration). Regardless, I was not in the position to run a quarter marathon (6.6 miles) that day, but knew it would be a great challenge.

I started training a few months back and to be honest, I nearly fell off the training several times. But I was lucky that my entire team at the store knew my goal and would ask how I was doing– some would share their tips from running, others encouraged me to keep going, and we’d all laugh together when I wore my running shoes on my closing nights at work. My peers at other stores in my district also knew about my goal and would frequently send me emails of encouragement (which I considered to help hold me accountable!) I was so supported by everyone at Target towards this personal goal that two of my executive team leaders at my store also signed up to run the race with me, as well as a department team leader. I have never felt so supported on something before in my entire life– and these were people from my store helping me succeed with something that had nothing to do with Target. To put it simply: it was amazing.

Yes– on June 15th, I completed the run; and even more incredible was that I surprised myself both with my final time, place in the race, and my endurance during the entire quarter marathon. I was so excited about my results that I went home and signed up for a half-marathon in September, of which my whole team knows about and is helping me get to that new personal well-being goal. I just really appreciate working for a company that not only has tools to help people realize their goals, but also is filled with great people who can help you get there too.

I know this post wasn’t really about leading at a store; but I wanted to let you know that the store leadership experience goes far beyond the four walls you work in every day. Here at Target, it’s all about the team, and it’s a Team that I’m proud to be a part of!

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Work/Life Balance

Photo: description here

It’s during this time of the year that I always think about a phrase you hear a lot around Target—Work/Life Balance. It really is a great time of the year; one where you can spend quality time with family and friends, attend holiday parties, and go sledding at the neighborhood hill. However; I consistently hear from my friends and family who think I am at my store from open to close, seven days a week, and they think I’m only making it through this time of the year with caffeine and a prayer. Not true!

It really is amazing how much consideration my manager puts into me maintaining a balance of my work life and personal life during this busy time, and that translates into how I help my team be able to enjoy the season too. We do our best to stick to scheduling basics—5 days a week, maintain as normal a schedule as possible, ensure nobody has to close and then be back in the store right away in the morning. Also, we scheduled all our leaders to have off either the day before or the day after Christmas. That also includes me and I’m grateful for the extra time I get to spend with my family (they live 3 hours away, so it’s a little bit of a haul to get there and back—especially with winter driving conditions!)

While time away from work is important this year, it’s just as important to make our time at the store fun and engaging for our entire team– and my Leaders get really creative around this part! For example: Imagine my surprise when I walked into my office earlier this week and saw about 10 platters of cookies that one incredible leader baked for the entire team. My office turned into a gigantic cookie exchange, and while I don’t have the baking skills necessary to contribute my own baked goods, I was more than happy to partake in the peanut butter fudge. Sometimes, it’s as easy as buying a pizza for my executive team leaders like I did today for lunch– just an easy way to say “thank you” for a job well done this week.

I will be totally honest and say that it does get very busy around here and the hours sometimes can get a little longer, but I think my team and I all do a great job to hold each other accountable in ensuring we get home at a reasonable time. Because work/life balance is just that—a balancing act. If you spend a little longer at work one day, you should spend a little extra time outside of work on a different day. It’s pretty cool to work for a retail company that understands and promotes that!

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Colorful Communication

Photo Description: Comm Board

Communication is one of the biggest keys to success in a fast-paced environment at the distribution centers. Knowing the most up to date information allows us to make better decisions each day. It also allows us to stay connected to the bigger company priorities and initiatives.

Each year we take the Best Team Survey to voice opinions on all different aspects of Target. Getting feedback on the areas we are doing well in and opportunities to improve help us become a better team. This year we identified that team members wanted to see more communication about Target, the distribution center and the department from us.

There are several communication vehicles already out there including Communication Alley, Table Talkers, and Start up Announcements. To better understand what the team was looking for in addition to those, we solicited feedback and asked what information they wanted to see. They said they wanted to know about meetings, forecasts, and scheduling information. After taking down those suggestions, the group leaders also met and talked about additional communication we wanted to share with the team. We added monthly focus areas for safety, best practice, and well-being.

We created a communication board right outside the offices to display the information. To ensure that the information is always up to date, we assigned each group leader to a piece of information that he or she would be responsible for updating. We wanted to make the board fun and easy to look at so we used lots of colors and even added a weekly trivia question. On the first day of every week, we ask the team the trivia question during start up. The team decides on a final answer and it is submitted to one of the group leaders. We’re tracking results and we will be awarding the key with the most right answers in a few weeks!

We continue to solicit feedback on what the team members think about the information included on the communication board and we are always looking at ways to improve it. The Best Team Survey is a great way to identify improvement areas, such as communication, to further strengthen the awesome culture at the distribution center!

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Never Thought I’d End Up In Minnesota!

If you would have asked me many years ago where I thought I’d be today, it definitely wasn’t Minnesota. I almost always wear a sweater, coat, or jacket — no matter what the season. The thought of moving to a state where snow can be on the ground for 6 straight months? Preposterous! But then, I met my husband in college, a Minnesota native. It must be real love because within our first year of marriage, I found myself making the trek all the way up to the Twin Cities… in the dead of winter. What had I gotten myself into!?

Well, here it is almost 4 winters later (yes, I count the years in winters:-)) and I’ve not only survived, but this Oklahoma gal has really grown to love living in Minnesota!  I learned the art of layering and became friends with my space heater (I bought it at Target, where else?)  For those of you who may be nervous about joining Target because it’s in a northern state, I’m proud to share that in my first years, I decided to embrace the weather and enjoy all the fun winter activities that Minnesota has to offer.  This included dogsledding, cross country skiing, ice-skating, sledding, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, and even an authentic, lantern-lit sleigh ride. I still have ice-fishing and snowmobiling on my list.

And did you know that downtown Minneapolis has 8 miles of inter-connected skyways (the largest continuous system in the world)?  You can live and work downtown and stay toasty all winter!

So now you know why Minneapolis.  Why Target? When I first arrived here, I took a job in private brands with another retailer, and then made my move to Target two years later. Guest Insights at Target was my dream job at my dream company, and I had made it!  Working at headquarters for the chic brand of Tar-zhay made all those years of business courses worth it. I remember commenting during my first week how awesome it was to work with such talented, intelligent, driven people every single day. A bit intimidated at first, I’ve really enjoyed sharing my passion for understanding our guest and building the brand with my network of colleagues. And hey, where else are you highly encouraged to “status” and have “coffees” and “GTKY’s” (get-to-know-you’s) with your colleagues and friends during work hours?

**the photo above shows one of the entrances to the Target headquarters**


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water blitz!

Photo: Water Blitz

We’re in the midst of the summer heat here in Minnesota. With a week of temperatures in the 90s and lots of humidity to top it, it’s difficult to remember the days of the sub-zero temperatures only four months ago.

With these sizzling temperatures, our main focus here at the distribution center is hydration. Our team members are so dedicated each day and are working hard to ensure our stores are getting the freight they need. Add in some heat and their jobs can get even tougher!

To make sure our team members are drinking enough water and staying hydrated, the group leaders did a water blitz this weekend. We piled onto golf carts, grabbed cases of cold water bottles and visited each team member to remind them of hydration and provide some cold water to drink.

I visited a team member loading a trailer that was going to be delivered to a store and the moment I stepped into the trailer, I could feel that the temperature increased by 20 degrees. I told the team member that I appreciated his hard work even in this kind of heat and gave him a cold water bottle. The team member was so thankful and I told him to remember to keep hydrated throughout the day.

Safety is an expectation at the distribution centers. We do not want to compromise safety for anything and we want to ensure our team members’ health and well-being is at its very best. Reminders about safety, especially hydration, promote our goal that team members will leave the building in the same way they came in.

We all enjoy being at work, but personally I enjoy a lot of things outside of work as well. I’ve shared with my team that I enjoy going out on the lakes on my days off and I would not be able to do that if I were to become ill from not drinking enough water.

It was so much fun to connect with the team members during our water blitz and share the importance of safety and well-being that we all share at this building.

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what is mindful leadership?

Photo: Gainey Center

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Mindful Leadership Retreat along with 25 other Target team members that are involved in leading and supporting well-being. I remembered back to when I first received the invite to the leadership retreat and I asked myself what is mindful leadership? I was about to find out.

The leadership retreat was held at the Gainey Conference Center in Owatonna, Minnesota. The center was the home and farm of the late Daniel C. Gainey and it was absolutely beautiful. The white-washed brick, gold features, and chandeliers were still from the home that was built more than 50 years ago.

During the retreat we focused on mindfulness, paying attention intentionally and training the mind to be in the moment. It took me quite some time to learn how to focus and to find clarity in my busy mind. I learned that autopilot isn’t always the best way to approach the day, but I noticed autopilot was my default. The retreat was my crash course in taking myself off of autopilot. Each day we spent some time meditating and exercising mindfulness to help train the mind to be present in the moment.

I was unsure how this training would translate to leadership, but as we talked as a group the last day of the retreat, we found endless opportunities to integrate mindful leadership into our everyday lives at home and at work. I am looking forward the most to having mindful meetings. The goal of a mindful meeting is to have each meeting attendee present during the meeting time. This can be done by sharing the goals of the meeting ahead of time, allowing each person at the meeting to speak, and removing distractions such as computers and cell phones during the meetings.

Mindful leadership is the ability to be a more effective leader through directing and sustaining attention. I have learned to train my mind to help take me off of autopilot and allow me to be present in the moment. I am so excited to share these skills with other leaders at my distribution center!

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2012 Triathlon Club Kick-Off

If you would have told me at the beginning of 2011 that I would participate in both an indoor and outdoor triathlon, I would have told you that you were off your rocker!

I didn’t know it at the time, but with a little pushing (i.e. shoving) from a friend from grad school, I would sign up for these events and complete them with a big smile on my face.  Beginning last year and continuing this year, I’ve been an active member of the Target Triathlon Club.  At headquarters, we have 6 Business Councils (known other places as Employee Resource Groups) and over 100 networks and clubs, including the Triathlon Club.  This is a group that is designed to create a community within Target for people who have a shared interest in multi-sport.

This past week, at our 2012 kick-off, we were able to hear from our executive sponsor, co-chairs and even a special guest, Joel Runyon – one of my favorite bloggers!  He writes The Blog of Impossible Things, where he talks about pushing your limits, taking risks and living a life worth writing about.  It was a unique opportunity to have a guest speaker come and inspire the group over lunch.  He shared his personal story, including completing his first triathlon on a mountain bike (very hard to do!) and pushing himself to do a marathon and tons more.  The above picture features me on the left, Joel from The Blog of Impossible Things in the middle and my friend, Katie, who is one of the co-chairs for the Triathlon Club.

The Target Triathlon Club has allowed me to meet tons of people who share my same interests and can discuss events, tips and tricks, and funny stories.  It’s also one of the many ways that I find myself knowing people throughout our entire company!

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Stress Relief, Target Style.

One of the most stressful seasons for our team when it comes to ordering, replenishing and making sure we are in stock on our items, is holiday. I mean, what do you think… We ARE in the business of retail, so that is only to be expected! That being said, us “Target-ites” work hard, but allow ourselves to play just as hard.

One of the great things about being part of such a cohesive and vibrant team is the fun opportunities we take to bond and connect with the people with whom we spend 40+ hours a week. Most teams try to plan a monthly outing to do something fun, relax and enjoy the afternoon free from spreadsheets and e-mails. Some notable outings that have happened in the last 6 months have been brewery tours, a peddle pub, State Fair trips, Twins games, lawn bowling at Brits and many happy hours.

When we were in the midst of holiday season this year, our team took the opportunity to enjoy some much needed downtime. After a morning in the office we all got in our cars and headed to Park Tavern to get our bowl on. And let me tell you, if anyone thought we were a competitive team when it came to work, they sure as heck haven’t seen us bowling together! After separating our skill levels (that’s right, it was that serious) we enjoyed bowling, some delicious pizza and  a few adult beverages while spending time with our team. After that we all found a spot to sit and get to know each other better, toss around some jokes and simply take a break from our hard work.

I am not going to lie to you and say that this job isn’t stressful, demanding and downright frustrating at times. Some weeks I work 35 hours and get all of my things done, and the next I work 50 hours and wish I had more time. But the biggest thing I have to say about that is that it is worth it. It is almost like a study abroad experience in its own special way. You get immersed quickly in all of these surreal experiences, and a lot is expected out of you. A new culture, a new language, new people and new responsibilities. But in the end you learn much more than sitting in a classroom or taking the easy route, and every day you can go home knowing you accomplished something great.

I forgot to tell you that the trophy was finally revealed at our outing as well! Our team name mounted high upon a golden diaper. But if you want it at your desk, you have to earn it 🙂

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New Year’s Resolutions – Distribution Center Edition

Photo: Well-Being Challenge

I know I’m not alone when I say I’ve been guilty for deciding on a New Year’s resolution and quickly forgetting about it once the middle of January rolls around. However, this year will be different! Our Distribution Center is currently in the midst of a two month well-being challenge that is helping jump start and sustain our focus on well-being.

In December, we chose teams and came up with fun and creative team names (I’m representing Team Spice Girls of course!). Each week, we award ourselves points on a well-being scorecard. Different challenges are worth varying amounts of points. Some examples of challenges include: 2 points for every 15 minutes of physical activity you complete a day, -1 point for each unhealthy snack you consume, or 4 points for every volunteer event you attend. The team with the most points at the end of the two months wins!

This has been a friendly competition and it has pushed us all to focus on our well-being. It’s been awesome to see the teamwork and support within each team. My resolution is to drink more water while I’m at work and I was recently contemplating having a pop last week at lunch. One of my fellow Spice Girls told me that I would have to then subtract a point from my weekly total. That made my decision easy. Water it was!

Currently we are in 4th place, however we are quickly gaining points on The Cut Crew Team and Team Wolf Pack and we hope to make one last burst this last week in the competition! I will be sure to get some partake in some physical activity, eat healthy snacks and avoid pop!

Even if we don’t finish at the top, I can proudly say that my New Year’s resolution this year lasted at least one month longer than last year’s!

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A Winter “Tailgate” to Kickoff a Successful 2012

Photo: Green Building Goals

Who would have ever thought we could have a tailgate in the middle of a Minnesota winter? The Distribution Center in Fridley, MN kicked off 2012 with food, games, and a presentation of our goals for 2012.

One of our goals for this year is to continue to focus on our personal well-being. Small changes can be made to improve our overall well-being. Instead of your typical tailgating food such as hot dogs and hamburgers, we provided a healthy salad bar to promote our health well-being. The variety of toppings and salad dressings were endless and the team enjoyed a healthy snack!

We also provided resources and information posted around the break room that stated our building goals for 2012.  One of our building goals is to have a green score for best practice. Best practices are common processes used by each distribution center to operate efficiently and in the safest way possible. We are scored each year based on how compliant we are with each best practice. Having a green score is the best score you can get and it has been our goal to achieve a green score each year.

Another building goal is safety. Our team is committed to leaving the distribution center in the same way they arrived, free of injuries! We track the number of injuries that occur at the distribution center and we also get a score based on how safe we work. Again, green is the best score and it is also our goal. If you’re sensing a trend with the green theme, you are right on! Kermit the Frog actually helped us promote being green in some of the posters we hung up with our goals.

As always, we were able to tie in some fun with this event! To create an indoor tailgate atmosphere we set up a bags game and ladder golf for our team to enjoy. I was of course a little rusty since I haven’t played those games since the fall, but still had tons of fun!

Overall the event was a huge success. We were able to promote our health well-being with the salad bar, learn about all the exciting goals for 2012 all while having a fun tailgating experience!

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