The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: S is for Staffing

Photo: backup cashier request button

Attention all pharmacists, interns, and technicians:  Raise your hand if you have ever heard from your boss, “You aren’t using enough technician hours.” I’m guessing the only hands in the air are those of Target team members.

These were the exact words from one of our managers on his last visit to our store.  Hearing that we need to increase our staff is something I’m guessing isn’t normal everywhere. Luckily, we have a pool of over 200 team members right in front of our eyes as potential technician candidates.  Those 200 team members are the great people that already work for Target in our store. They are perfect to transition into the pharmacy since they are already familiar with the expectations of the company and the demographics of our guests.

Over the years, I think I have only hired a handful of people that weren’t already Target team members. In fact, our entire pharmacy is currently staffed with team members I pulled from the store after seeing how great they were. Anneva came from price change, Nang from electronics, Rae from the front lanes, Annette from cosmetics, and Jessica from the front lanes. It just goes to show that at Target, the career possibilities are endless!

Increasing the number of backup cashiers is another focus in 2013. We have a button on each register and by the workstation we can press when a little extra help is needed when we get unexpected rushes.  Once the button is pressed, all back-up trained team members from the sales floor come running to the rescue.  In the event more help is needed,  we have trained every executive in the store  to respond to calls for backup too. Yes, even our store manager, Travis, has been known to ring up pharmacy guests when needed! Our goal is to have even more sales team members added to our resources when needs arise. Who knows, one of these helpful backups might just turn out to be our next shining star technician!

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