The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: D is for Dress Code

Photo: Monica's Closet

When, I was first hired WAAAAY back in 2000 (ha, it seems like yesterday!), I owned exactly one red article of clothing, a  swimsuit cover-up.  It wasn’t exactly appropriate for the red shirt/khaki attire that you see most of us wearing.  Luckily, Target sent me a welcome packet that included a cute red polo shirt that got me by on my first day of work.

Since then, the number of red shirts I own far outnumbers any other color in my closet.  I’ve notice that when I go shopping now, the first thing that draws my eye is anything red.  It’s considered a great success if I can find cute work shirts on the sales rack!  I have grown to love the red and khaki dress code, as picking out an outfit each day takes exactly 10 seconds.  Gone are the days of agonizing over what I am going to wear to work. Oh, and just an FYI, the Merona Ultimate Chino pants from Target are the best.  They need no ironing, stand up to many washes, and are a perfect fit.

Target also sends the pharmacists smocks to wear, in either short or long sleeved.  I’m a three-quarter length kind of gal, so I end up using my trusty sewing machine to hem the sleeves up.  Since I love to sew, I’ve practiced my alteration skills on the big smocks I had worn while I was pregnant, trying to make them smaller.  Needless to say, I need to keep practicing…

Working a job where you are on your feet close to twelve hours a day can be a challenge.  Luckily, I’m allowed to wear tennis shoes and have found several brands that give me the support I need.  I like to think it keeps me in shape and active as opposed to a desk job.

An inside joke I’ve heard in the past was, “What do you call a bunch of Target team members standing together?”  The answer?  A blood clot.  Get it?  All the red clumped together?  Ha!  (And that is why I am a pharmacist and not a comic…)

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