Everything’s Bigger in Texas

I was given the honor of attending the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) Conference in Houston, TX to do some recruiting and networking for Target this fall. Target’s commitment to diversity was ever-present and the event outstanding. I’ve been doing campus recruiting for a couple years now, but this was on a whole other level. This year’s theme was “Courageous Leadership” which was echoed throughout the conference. The NBMBAA is a non-profit organization in existence for over 40 years whose aim is to lead in the creation of economical and intellectual wealth through providing knowledge, access and resources to professionals. They boast 45 chapters and 27 collegiate chapters nationwide.

The conference was broken down by day. Day 1 began with breakfast and a moving keynote address from Judy Smith, author and Co-Executive Producer for ABC’s Scandal. Not watching the show before the speech, I was really intrigued by her story which loosely parallels the storyline of the show (I’ve watched all of Season 1 and half of Season 2 in 2 days since I’ve been home … it’s THAT good). The amazing kick-off was followed by a professional development class focused on building savvy leaders in the corporate world taught by author and HR specialist Jovita Thomas-Williams. Her message on how to navigate your corporation through networking and building relationships was truly eye opening and gave me some great leadership tools to take back to work with me.

Days 2 and 3 consisted of the career fair and interviews. I don’t know if career fair can really do it justice; it was more like career EXPO. As you can tell by the picture, the scale was on a level I have never seen at any campus career fair I’ve attended. We were definitely there in true Target form with tons of RED and BULLSEYES so large and high our booth couldn’t be missed. If you couldn’t see us, you definitely heard us and our booming “T-A-R-G-E-T … TARGET IS THE PLACE TO BE” chant. I met a ton of candidates who were really interested in a career with Target and I got to share MY PATH to Target with them. We got some great candidates who will hopefully be joining our Target team very soon.

It was really an amazing week. I got the opportunity to travel to the great state of Texas for the first time, meet some incredible Target leaders from across the country, share my story and experiences with some talented candidates and hopefully spread the word about all the wonderful opportunities there are with Target. The phrase “everything’s bigger in Texas” holds true, even when referring to their career fairs! Overall I think this year’s NBMBAA was a Texas-sized success.


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Target Clinic goes to Vegas

In my position as an area clinic manager, my business travel is typically limited to the area where I manage Target Clinics (in this case the great Twin Cities of Minnesota) but recently I had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas! “Why Vegas?”,  you might ask. To attend the annual conference of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners™ (AANP), of course! The AANP is the largest, full-service national professional membership organization for nurse practitioners (NP) of all specialties and represents the interests of approximately 155,000 NPs. This conference serves as an opportunity for NPs to build community and share in medical education.

I got to spend my time at the conference doing two of my favorite work things – interacting with amazing medical professionals and talking about Target Clinic. I was part of a team manning a booth to spread the word about Target Clinics to nurse practitioners from across the country. Target currently has clinics in only six states so a lot of NPs were (pleasantly) surprised to see us at the conference.

Turns out Target Clinic and the AANP have a lot in common. The AANP is an advocate for providers of high-quality, cost effective, patient centered healthcare and Target Clinic looks to provide these things to our guests – a perfect match! The providers I met were really excited to learn more about retail healthcare and the services we provide to our Target guests and communities. They were also pretty excited about the healthcare tins of Target facial tissue, bandages, and hand sanitizer we were giving away (I think the bandages most of all since several NPs, like me, had blisters from walking the Vegas strip and dancing!)

Even with the blisters the conference was a huge success. I met some great NPs that I would love to see become Target Clinic team members! It was also great opportunity to share more about retail healthcare and Target Clinics growing presence in this arena. So for all you NP’s out there, keep your eyes peeled- a Target Clinic could be coming to your area soon!

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