Where can Target Take You?

I wanted to share with you all an awesome story about where Target has taken me in my career. I was recruited as a Pharmacy Technician around 8 years ago and immediately felt at home. In this environment I grew to understand my worth and what having great developmental support can do for a person. I credit this support and encouragement for helping me pursue my dream of becoming a Pharmacist.

After being accepted into Pharmacy School, I transferred to a Target store in Savannah, GA. I worked as an intern while I attended South University. I was able to really focus in on my studies because I knew that I wanted to stay with Target as a Pharmacist. Again, Target’s support and development helped me graduate number 1 in my class! After school I returned home to Pensacola, Fl. and began my pharmacy career with Target as a floater. Although I loved floating and helping multiple stores provide genuine healthcare and services to our guests, I accepted a position as an Executive Pharmacist and shortly after became an ETL-RX Pharmacy Manager. During my time in Pensacola as a Pharmacy Manager I lead my store through many changes and worked to develop a resilient, driven, and happy team.  When first arriving to this team I quickly realized that change management would be an important part of my role. I really worked on bringing out the positives and explaining why we are an ever evolving company and what benefits it brings our team and guests. This really helped my team see the value in challenging themselves and becoming more resilient and adaptable. With this renewed outlook we rose to the top of our group in results and team engagement.

Some other things I’m proud of are assisting my peers and Business Partner as a district resource and working with our entire group of 65 pharmacies as our vaccination captain.  These challenges helped me prepare for my next role with Target, a Healthcare Business Partner in Louisiana. In this role, I will help lead 18 stores to excellence and give that same developmental support that has been given to me.

target healthcare, now at a holiday near you

This is my favorite time of year. All of my free time is filled with family, friends, and traditions. I’m sure you all have some favorite holiday activities and traditions. Recently my friends and I got together to take part in one of my favorites – our annual cookie bake.  We have just the right number of people which means just the right number of cookies and the perfect cookie platters. Thinking about it further, I couldn’t help but think about how grateful I was that we were all healthy and able to participate in this cherished event. This got me thinking about the important role the Target Healthcare team plays in traditions.

I would bet they don’t think about it often, but our clinicians will be a part of so many family traditions this year.  They will help treat our out of town guests who are visiting their relatives for ear infections, allowing them to attend the annual holiday recital. The clinicians will help our guest struggling to get over a cough so he can propose to his girlfriend on New Year’s Eve.  They will treat our younger guests for strep throat so they can visit Grandma for what might be her last Christmas. Our clinicians will even be there checking Grandpa’s blood pressure when he has had too much holiday ham, helping to keep him healthy for all the holidays to come.

The same can be said for our pharmacists– they will be playing a large role in the holiday traditions of our guests too. When an out of town guest forgets their maintenance medication at home, our pharmacists will work to get them the medication they need to enjoy a safe and healthy trip. When our guest comes down with sinusitis our pharmacists will work quickly to fill their antibiotics and make supportive care recommendations to get them on the road to recovery faster so they can join in all the family festivities. Our pharmacists also give our guests influenza vaccines to help keep them from picking up the flu wherever their travels and traditions may take them.

Our pharmacists and clinicians make a difference in the lives of so many people. They make and keep our guests healthy so they can be a part of the traditions they love.  This healthcare team comes in early and stays late to ensure our guests can make memories they will cherish for a lifetime. That is important and AMAZING work.  I feel blessed to work with individuals who play such a big role in the communities they serve. So I raise my holiday cookie to you Target healthcare teams – you make a difference just by being there and by being YOU!

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first week at the pharmacy

Just in the first week of my internship I had the opportunity to provide a guest with amazing guest service and a true “expect more” moment.

A guest approached the pharmacy counter expressing extreme anxiety about a recent diagnosis. She was nervous about the potential outcomes of her condition and what she would need to do to treat it. She had three young children and is concerned about what the future would hold for her and her family.

I proceeded to take the next forty-five minutes and went step by step through her entire treatment process; how to set up her tools and medicine, what everything meant, what foods she should avoid, which she should eat more of, and a recommended work-out regimen.

When the guest left the pharmacy she had a smile on her face, expressed confidence in being able to manage her disease state and no longer seemed to be experiencing any sort of anxiety or fear.

This opportunity to provide the guest with amazing service gave her the confidence she needed, and also instilled a loyalty to Target. She stated that she will always come to Target for her healthcare needs and questions, and she really appreciated the time we took to help her through a difficult time.

This is my favorite aspect of Target: how we put so much attention and focus into the experience. It creates an overall positive atmosphere both for the guest and the team members. This guest was so distraught and her leaving with such a large smile on her face – I was thrilled the rest of the day. Target encouraging this behavior motivates us as team members to provide amazing guest service and help people like this feel truly amazing when they walk out of the door, and they want to return, even excited to come back to Target.

Thank you, Target for encouraging us to be a great company!

Post by Ashley,  Pharmacy Intern

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*photos are of Target team members*

school is out & new graduates are here

Right now is my favorite time of year!  We are on-boarding new graduates and interns in every part of our business.   As our new grads start their professional journey, they are excited, nervous, anxious and last but not least READY!  One thing I can guarantee if you start your profession with Target, you will be ready.  We have a five week training program that incorporates leadership and technical knowledge that prepares our new team members  to care for our guests’ healthcare needs.

Target also connects our new leaders to a network of other executives to support them along the way.  There are a multitude of resources to set them up for success.  We have a best practice and training for everything, so when you are in doubt you can look it up!

Our training is not only for technical expertise; we also start our leaders with resources for their individual development. My journey as a pharmacist started off a little different with another retailer and I am proud to say I am now part of a team that values training and a successful kickoff to a long career.  The resources we have at Target helped me gain the confidence I needed to be a successful leader and I have felt that way in every step of my Target journey.

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Midwest Field Internship Program Kickoff

As I pulled into the parking lot of our Target Northern Campus in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota this morning, I was barely able to contain my excitement for our Midwest Field Internship Program Kickoff! We get the opportunity to reconnect with some amazingly talented college students and officially welcome them to Target! It has been the culmination of our leadership and campus recruitment teams’ hard work and dedication to seek out these talented individuals to engage in our Stores, Pharmacy and Distribution summer internship program! The goal of our program is to provide a realistic job preview into our entry-level leadership and pharmacy roles at Target. We have been anticipating this day for a long ten months and are thrilled it’s finally upon us!

Our leadership teams and business partners were amongst the first to welcome our interns on their first day, who were all sporting our team colors of red and khaki. While our leaders shared their personal development stories and career journeys here at Target, they also reiterated the following: “Each intern is here to learn about our roles within Stores, Pharmacy and Distribution, but also to gain leadership development and training. We are excited to have each of you with us. We are committed to supporting, training and developing you. We challenge each of you to personally make the most of this experience by stepping outside your comfort zone, asking questions, seeking new experiences and build meaningful relationships while you are with us. Each intern will get feedback, and that is ok. It’s a part of our Target culture of continuous development, but we do it because we care and want to see each of you grow and be successful over the next ten weeks!”

After lunch and some intern mingling, we got to the much anticipated part of the afternoon… district team presentations. District team presentations provide the interns, intern captains and leaders an opportunity to put together a presentation to highlight each team’s mission, values, focus areas and goals. It is also a time to flex our creative side to add some individual flair! During the hour, we popped some tags with our Target Redcards at the “Loyalty Shop,” learned Distribution interns like big trucks (they cannot lie and stores partners can’t deny) and experienced the Harlem Shake. Let’s just say, there were many laughs and cheers for each team! It was also great to hear what each intern values and wants to personally get out of their experience as a Target intern.

After a day full of team bonding, laughter, insight and direction, our interns set out on their leadership journey. Over the next several weeks, each intern will train and shadow one-on-one with a mentor, learn more about our operations, engage with our Target team members and leaders, focus on development and begin leading the business.  It’s going to be a great summer at Target!

Post by Kristen, Field Internship Program Owner

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The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: T is for TWENTY!

Photo: retired

I can’t believe this is my TWENTIETH post and am sad to say it will be my last.  After 13 months of writing about the wonders of Target pharmacy, I will be retiring my blogging torch.  I can only hope the next pharmacist blogger has as much fun as I have.

Special thanks goes out to my pharmacy team for modeling for the photographs, giving me ideas when I was stuck (that “J” post was a tough one!), and proofreading my posts.  My personal favorite was the “C” post, about being part of the community.  There were many times it came to mind since writing it, as I continually run into guests outside of Target.  My favorite picture was of my technician Nang bowling in the “L” post.  We got some crazy looks from guests when they saw me standing on a ladder taking pictures of the pharmacy!

I’m thinking of spending my retirement from blogging in our  furniture department, catching up on some reading and answering guests’ questions from the comfort of our lounge chairs.  Something tells me that won’t last long!  In the meantime, I hope to work for Target for another 20 years and then really retire to see the world.  Luckily, I feel secure knowing I’m working for a strong company, with a great family of co-workers, and in the best store in the world!


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The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: S is for Staffing

Photo: backup cashier request button

Attention all pharmacists, interns, and technicians:  Raise your hand if you have ever heard from your boss, “You aren’t using enough technician hours.” I’m guessing the only hands in the air are those of Target team members.

These were the exact words from one of our managers on his last visit to our store.  Hearing that we need to increase our staff is something I’m guessing isn’t normal everywhere. Luckily, we have a pool of over 200 team members right in front of our eyes as potential technician candidates.  Those 200 team members are the great people that already work for Target in our store. They are perfect to transition into the pharmacy since they are already familiar with the expectations of the company and the demographics of our guests.

Over the years, I think I have only hired a handful of people that weren’t already Target team members. In fact, our entire pharmacy is currently staffed with team members I pulled from the store after seeing how great they were. Anneva came from price change, Nang from electronics, Rae from the front lanes, Annette from cosmetics, and Jessica from the front lanes. It just goes to show that at Target, the career possibilities are endless!

Increasing the number of backup cashiers is another focus in 2013. We have a button on each register and by the workstation we can press when a little extra help is needed when we get unexpected rushes.  Once the button is pressed, all back-up trained team members from the sales floor come running to the rescue.  In the event more help is needed,  we have trained every executive in the store  to respond to calls for backup too. Yes, even our store manager, Travis, has been known to ring up pharmacy guests when needed! Our goal is to have even more sales team members added to our resources when needs arise. Who knows, one of these helpful backups might just turn out to be our next shining star technician!

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The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: R is for Refill

Photo: target pharmacy app

My first pharmacy job was in 1992. It was the classic mom-and-pop operation, and my job was head  (and only!) cashier and chief phone operator. The majority of business was delivering  prescriptions to nearby nursing homes.  So, every morning, the nurses would call in numerous refills for their residents, and I would manually write down the hundreds of numbers they were spouting off to me. Remember, this was long before voicemail, email, and even fax machines.

We’ve come a long way, baby! Twenty years later, there have been vast improvements in getting prescriptions refilled to help cut down on the number of phone calls pharmacies receive and the time guests spend requesting those refills.

Automated phone systems and Target.com/pharmacy were the first two advancements to aid in refill requests. With the automated phone system, guests can call and just type in the prescription numbers they need, day or night, over the phone. They don’t have to wait until we are open, nor do they have to wait on hold to speak to someone. With the internet feature, there are lots of cool options, from refilling prescriptions, transfering from other locations, and even setting refills up for Auto Refill.

Speaking of Auto Refill, this system was designed to eliminate the need to request a refill at all. Guests that are taking a regular medication can set their prescription up to automatically refill when it is due. That way, it is here at the pharmacy waiting for them when they need it.

Recently, Target developed an app for both the iPhone and Android systems that allows our guests to manage prescriptions from their phone. What I love most about the Target Pharmacy app is that you can view your entire prescription profile to request refills when needed. This eliminates the need for a prescription number at all.  All our guests have to do is click on the needed medication, and the pharmacy will then refill it for them. This really comes in handy when you need a refill on an eye drop and the box with the prescription number on it was long thrown away.

The app also has a feature where the pharmacy can text the guest to let them know their prescription is ready. This feature was just added, so we are encouraging all of our guests to sign up to receive texts. Then next time you are in your Target pharmacy, ask about getting enrolled to be eligible.

Needless to say, technology has changed the face of pharmacy in a huge way since my days of pen and paper. I can’t wait to see what improvements Target has in store for the next twenty years!

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The abc’s of Target pharmacy: P is for Pediatrics

Nothing has made me a better pharmacist more than becoming a parent. Until you have to measure out 3.2 milliliters of antibiotic with one hand while holding an infant in the other, you just don’t understand how hard giving kids their medication can be.

Target has several awesome programs designed to help exasperated parents make sure “the medicine goes down, in the most delightful way!” Better than the spoonful of sugar Mary Popppins would have given, Target pharmacists have to ability to flavor any liquid medication using the FlavoRx system. And the best part is that Target does not charge for this service. Before having children, I secretly thought that kids should have to suffer the taste of medicine just like the rest of us did. Having a toddler with an ear infection changed all that. After she spit the sticky pink antibiotic all over the kitchen, I took it back to the pharmacy and let her pick out her flavor. Just her knowing she was more in charge of the situation by being out to blurt out “BANANA” helped us get all 10 days’ worth down. Having it flavored for free was just a bonus.

Another pediatric trick Target pharmacists have up their sleeves is the PIBA (press-in-bottle-adaptor) we put in all liquid medication bottles. This little magic gem allows the parent to put a measuring syringe in the top of the bottle, turn it upside down, and draw out the exact amount of liquid. This prevents all kinds of spills and messes from trying to get those last few doses from the bottom. Parents are so in love with our PIBAs that we have a few per week asking for some to put in their over-the-counter liquid medications, and I am more than happy to help them out.

Pediatric medications have come a long way since the days of chalky antibiotics and horrible tasting cough syrups. I love working for a company that is innovative and compassionate in their pursuit of getting the medicine down – especially for the little ones!

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Fast, Fun and Friendly

Fast, Fun, & Friendly. These three words are at the core of what makes Target unique. I didn’t realize what this meant until I stepped into my role as a pharmacy intern! From the team members to even the guests that choose to shop here, the ambience of Target is truly fast, fun, & friendly. This motto is one that embodies the Target brand and is practiced by all Target team members. The fact that Target opts to refer to it’s shoppers as “guests” tells you quite a bit about just how we feel about guest service.

From the moment that I walked into my store I was greeted with smiling faces who wanted nothing more than to see me succeed and grow in a way that would make my experience all the more enjoyable.  As a pharmacy intern, you would expect a majority of your work to be done in the pharmacy. Here at Target, this is pleasantly and surprisingly not the case. The pharmacy is open in a way that allows us to interact with guests and patients alike. My preceptor/pharmacist Lena encourages me to spend time on the floor so that I become more comfortable with the store. Having the opportunity to shadow different areas such as Human Resources, Assets Protection, Logistics, Sales Floor, and Guest Experience, I have a greater appreciation for what it means to be a fully immersed member of a team.

We all do different things, but all of our individual works contribute to the overall success of Target. “Do what you love. When you love your work, you become the best worker in the world.” This quote by Uri Geller is an accurate description of what my experience has been thus far with Target! When I began to look for a company to intern for, there were several things that I looked for. I wanted a home in which I would flourish, both scholarly and socially. I wanted a home that I would be treated not just as an employee, but also as a family member. I wanted a home that would help me bolster my strengths and improve on my weaknesses. I wanted a home that would ultimately be an extension to my career. I didn’t take me long to realize that I have found that home here with Target!

Post from Osagie , Pharmacy Intern


Learn more about Target opportunities for college students here.

Kicking off the field internship program!

This past Monday morning was no ordinary day … it was a day our campus recruitment team has been eagerly anticipating and preparing for over the last several months. Our recruiters have been dedicated and passionate about pursuing top talent across several college campuses within the U.S. this past fall and spring to find the best interns for our Stores, Pharmacy and Distribution Centers. As a sea of red and khaki streamed into the intern kickoff room for the Midwest, we all couldn’t help but feel excited and energized!

Our internship program for Stores, Pharmacy and Distribution focuses primarily on leadership development and providing a realistic job preview into our entry-level leader roles. It was amazing to meet so many passionate interns – whether they were returning or new – start their 10-week summer experience. Many of our field leaders also attended to welcome our interns and provide insight, support and guidance to the newest additions to our Target team.  The key message from our leaders was “we’ve hired you as an intern because you are already leaders – so make the most of the experience and take initiative. We are invested in your development, growth and opportunities here.”

Each district also had an opportunity to put together a brand presentation to highlight each team’s mission, values, diversity, community focus and goals. Let’s just say we had a Twitter spoof, completed the wave and did the dance to Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “Call Me Maybe.” Clearly, we are dedicated to our fast, fun and friendly culture!

After a day full of team bonding, laughter, insight and direction, our interns set out on their leadership journey. Over the next several weeks, each intern will train and shadow one-on-one with a mentor, learn more about our operations, engage with our Target team members and leaders, focus on development and begin leading the business.  It’s going to be a great summer at Target!


Learn more about Target opportunities for college students here.

The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: H is for Hot Shifts and Holidays

Photo: Cate the Staffing Angel

Most pharmacist’s dream schedule would be Monday through Friday 9-5, no weekends, no holidays.  For 99 percent of us, it is only a dream.  But, now that I’ve worked 12 hour shifts, weekends, and holidays for so long, I don’t know that “banker’s hours” are for me.

I’ve grown to enjoy having a day off during the week, where I can shop without the crowds, see the doctor without worrying about leaving work, and even participate in my kids’ school activities.  Our pharmacy is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.  Luckily, my partner is willing to trade off weekends, so very rarely do I have to miss an event if I know about it far enough in advance.

In Texas, Target’s full-time pharmacists are salaried, with additional pay for any extra shifts that are picked up.  These extra shifts are known as “hot shifts” in our market.  I’ve worked all over the state of Texas and even at a  few stores in Oklahoma picking up hot shifts when I can.  Odessa, Lubbock, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City have all made for interesting experiences.  Now that I have kids, I haven’t been able to help out as much, so I really appreciate when others pick up my shifts that need to be covered!

Our region has a main scheduler that is an absolute angel!  Cate works her tail off figuring out needs, re-arranging schedules, and making magic happen to ensure all of her 52 pharmacies open with a smiling face 362 days per year.  We use a scheduling tool called staffing angel, and Cate is truly our region’s staffing angel.  That’s her pictured above working her magic.

As far as holidays go, all Target pharmacies are closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  My partner and I trade off the other holidays to keep it equal.  Although I would rather be off, working a holiday is usually an easy shift and is a great opportunity to get caught up.  I have to admit, I get a  little jealous when ringing up guests for their sunscreen, margarita mix, and beach towels on July 4th.  However, I never get jealous of guests buying aspirin on New Year’s Day!

Interested in a healthcare career with Target? Search and apply for opportunities here.

The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: F is for Fringe Benefits

Photo: Derek and his popcorn

I’ll be honest here.  I had no intentions of working in retail pharmacy longer than I had to.  When I first moved to Dallas, I went to work for Target because it made financial sense.  I was going to work  here for six months and then quit to go to work at the big, fancy downtown hospital.  Sure, I was going to take a pay cut, but it sounded so glamorous.

So, why am I still here twelve years later?  What keeps me from going to work for one of the other retailers seen on every corner in town? For the fringe benefits of course!  Where else am I going to get:

  • One stop shopping.  It is so nice being able to pick up fresh groceries, diapers, a cute outfit for the evening, and a movie all in one place without even leaving work.  Every now and then I have to go shopping somewhere else, and it is torture.
  • 10% off on the coolest stuff.  Remember the Missoni for Target craze? It all sold out in one day, but I was able to score an awesome shirt and even save a little money on it.  Practically everything in my house came from Target, and I just love it when visitors ask, “Where did you find that?”
  • People watching.  The public never ceases to amaze me.  Enough said.

There are a few of us in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that have been Target pharmacists for over 10 years.  Here are some of the awesome responses they gave:

  • Tamara said, “I must say the number one thing that keeps me here is my team.  We’ve built great relationships with each other and it would be extremely hard for me to leave them.”
  • Lori said, “My partner and my team”  (good to know since she is my partner!)
  • Becky said, “Continuing to work with teams on developing and providing a great resource to guests.”
  • Cate said, “The first thing I think of is my peers.  There are so many of my team members that are so much more than just that.  I consider them friends as well!  The support I get from them is amazing!  Target sees the reason most of us became pharmacists in the first place…to take care of people.”
  • And, finally, our resident comedian Derek (pictured above) said, “I love the smell of fresh popcorn and I believe there is a direct vent from the pharmacy to Food Avenue.  Who could leave that?”  HA!

If it isn’t evident from these responses,  so many of us consider our pharmacy teams as family. I couldn’t agree more!

Interested in a healthcare career with Target? Search and apply for opportunities here.

The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: E is for Education

Photo: Kevin practicing his skills

Because Target pharmacists give immunizations, we are required to be CPR certified.  We renew this certification every two years, and my renewal date came up this month.  So off to one of the Fort Worth Target stores I went after completing an online course and test.  Thankfully, the whole certification is all set up and paid for by Target, so all I have to do is show up and prove my “abilities.”  Thanks to Kevin, pictured above, for demonstrating proper technique.  Hopefully, we won’t ever to have to use our knowledge in a real life situation.

Pharmacists are also required to get a certain number of continuing education hours, depending on the state.  Texas requires thirty hours every two years.  I end up getting most of my hours through Pharmacist’s Letter, an excellent publication that gives lots of information about medications.  Pharmacist’s Letter is one of my favorite resources for staying current because it is completely unbiased publication that does not take money from any drug companies.  Their continuing education normally costs $30 per year, but Target picks up this cost for all of their pharmacists.  It’s just another benefit of working for this awesome company!

Interested in a healthcare career with Target? Search and apply for opportunities here.

The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: D is for Dress Code

Photo: Monica's Closet

When, I was first hired WAAAAY back in 2000 (ha, it seems like yesterday!), I owned exactly one red article of clothing, a  swimsuit cover-up.  It wasn’t exactly appropriate for the red shirt/khaki attire that you see most of us wearing.  Luckily, Target sent me a welcome packet that included a cute red polo shirt that got me by on my first day of work.

Since then, the number of red shirts I own far outnumbers any other color in my closet.  I’ve notice that when I go shopping now, the first thing that draws my eye is anything red.  It’s considered a great success if I can find cute work shirts on the sales rack!  I have grown to love the red and khaki dress code, as picking out an outfit each day takes exactly 10 seconds.  Gone are the days of agonizing over what I am going to wear to work. Oh, and just an FYI, the Merona Ultimate Chino pants from Target are the best.  They need no ironing, stand up to many washes, and are a perfect fit.

Target also sends the pharmacists smocks to wear, in either short or long sleeved.  I’m a three-quarter length kind of gal, so I end up using my trusty sewing machine to hem the sleeves up.  Since I love to sew, I’ve practiced my alteration skills on the big smocks I had worn while I was pregnant, trying to make them smaller.  Needless to say, I need to keep practicing…

Working a job where you are on your feet close to twelve hours a day can be a challenge.  Luckily, I’m allowed to wear tennis shoes and have found several brands that give me the support I need.  I like to think it keeps me in shape and active as opposed to a desk job.

An inside joke I’ve heard in the past was, “What do you call a bunch of Target team members standing together?”  The answer?  A blood clot.  Get it?  All the red clumped together?  Ha!  (And that is why I am a pharmacist and not a comic…)

Interested in a healthcare career with Target? Search and apply for opportunities here.

The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: C is for Community

Photo: Ringing up Ms M

Being from a small town in the Texas Panhandle, I grew up with a strong sense of community.  It was the kind of town where you knew everyone and couldn’t get away with much mischief without word getting back to your parents quickly.  If I was mean to my art teacher, my mother had already heard about it by the time she picked me up from school.

It was because of this strong background that I feel like Target is a great fit for me now.  I work at a location that is less than three miles from home, so I end up running into lots of guests at the oddest places:  my kids’ swim class, in line at the post office, on an airplane, and lots of times at local restaurants.

One of the best “Hey, I know you!” moments was Meet The Teacher night at my daughter’s school.  I was thrilled when I found out Ms. “M” was her teacher.  After all, Ms. “M” and I had known each other from the pharmacy way before my daughter was even born.  Now, she is no longer just a guest at my store but has become a great friend!

Whenever I run into someone I know from the pharmacy, it’s always a relief to hear that they love us and tell all their friends about us.  If they hadn’t been treated so well, it could turn out to be quite embarrassing, kind of like my parents finding out I had been mean to my teacher.

I love living in the big city but having a small town feel at work.  As a teenager, it was a treat to go to the nearest Target, 90 miles away.  Now, I get to treat myself everyday!

Interested in a healthcare career with Target? Search and apply for opportunities here.

The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: B is for Bandages, Burns, and Bug Bites

Like most retail pharmacists, I end up giving lots of advice on over-the-counter medications and treatments.  While I can’t diagnose an ailment, I can offer my opinion of what would be best to help out.   Most questions are pretty straight forward like “How do I treat my poison ivy?” or “What’s the best cream for my ant bites?”  Every now and then I’ll see something that is unusual that requires a doctor’s visit.

I enjoy being able to help guests out, especially the kids.  Sometimes, all it takes is a princess bandage to make them feel all better.  And, when I have the time, it’s nice to go out on the floor and help someone find what would be best.  In fact, I occasionally wear a pedometer just to see  if I can walk 10,000 steps during a typical day.

When I first graduated from pharmacy school, questions about over-the-counter treatments scared me to death.  Believe it or not, pharmacy students don’t get that much education on OTC medications.  Anytime anyone would ask something, I would have to look up the answers.  This was circa 1997, so the internet wasn’t readily available.  Luckily, over the years it’s become easier, less intimidating, and even quite enjoyable learning about my guests and the best first aid for them!

Interested in a healthcare career with Target? Search and apply for opportunities here.

The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: A is for Appreciation

Holy cow!  One of our former guest’s family members just delivered flowers to our pharmacy in appreciation for taking such good care of  her mom.  We just found out Ms. “R” passed away this week.  We had been delivering prescriptions to her for several years, and I had no idea we meant so much to her.

Our pharmacy is a little unique in that we deliver prescriptions to a local assisted living facility.  The residents are self-sufficient but, for the most part, no longer drive.  Some of our guests (Target’s terminology for customers) we know quite well.   Others, not so much.  Ms. “R” was that way.  We rarely heard from her, and I’m not so sure I had ever even met her.  But, come to find out, she had been filling out those little surveys that appear on the bottom of certain receipts, bragging all about us.  Talk about motivation to please our guests!  I am thankful to be in a position to help out not only the residents but also the family members.

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