Think retail, think technology

10 years ago, I started my journey at Target as a senior software engineer in Bangalore.

Over the last decade, I have been a part of the technology modernization initiatives that have enabled us to work in a nimble and agile manner. For instance, we have moved away from older methods of creating reports in legacy DB2/DataStage and using WebFocus technologies with waterfall approach to actively adopting newer technologies like Teradata/Hadoop in agile methodology.

At Target, we are building advanced tools to gather insights into how we can enhance the shopping experience of our guests. The adoption of DevOps/CICD models in BI was one of the newer initiatives that I was a part of. The BI systems team (Shankar and I from Target India along with Nathan, Randy and Jeremy from Minneapolis) helped identified potential use cases for this implementation. We used technologies like VmWare, Teradata Express, Docker, Chef, Jenkins and CloudBee to deliver this project using agile methodology.

Today, BI is enabled with the CICD framework – defined from development to PROD server. We have seen several benefits like:
-More agility for product deliverables by enabling unlimited deployments into PROD servers
-Automatic code accuracy is maintained – what we do in PROD is being tested in DEV
-Automatic surety of the code version – the version of the code running in PROD is also available in the Version Control System (VCS)
-Auto-test and approval facility for a functionality that is changed/created
-Auto-backup of code(s) for any backout purposes
-Auto-communication to the right audiences on final deployment status

The fact that we work as an extension of our Minneapolis headquarters gives us the scope to collaborate with partners in the U.S. and learn more about the global retail landscape. This helps me gain immense knowledge and experience and I am able to contribute to other enterprise-level technology modernization initiatives.

As exciting as this field is, it is also one of the most dynamic industries. So you would agree that it’s extremely important to keep ourselves updated on the latest tools and technologies. And, that’s precisely why every Target team member is empowered with high-tech machines and can upskill themselves on-the-job through platforms like Pluralsight and Code Schools. In my capacity as a lead BI engineer, I also support the L&D team as a technical trainer. This gives me the chance to support the larger team build the right skillsets.

Well, these are some of the career experiences that make me want to come back to work every day. If you are an engineer and retail excites you, Target is the place to be!

Brazil to Bangalore!

Did you know the compelling creative work at Target stores and on our website have an India connection? We have more than 200 team members in Bangalore who help develop innovative and world-class campaigns for Target. From art directors to copywriters, we have a super-creative team that works as an extension of the marketing team in Minneapolis.

As a senior recruiter at Target India, I hire diverse talent for various businesses. For us, diversity is not just a buzzword. It’s about realizing the potential that a group of people from various backgrounds can bring to the table.

Late last year, I was given the task of recruiting a 3D specialist. Someone with the knowledge, expertise and the skills to replace real-time photography with 3D software. At first, I was looking for candidates across the country (India). In my pursuit to promote inclusivity and hire the best talent, I started exploring other geographies. It was the first time I tried this approach and it was one of my best experiences at Target. It helped build my network as a recruiter and I soon started connecting with candidates from Singapore, Malaysia, Iran, U.S. and Italy.

After a thorough screening and interview process, we hired Gustavo, a Brazilian native with a passion for football. Trust me, this did not happen overnight. Numerous calls and e-mails were exchanged and he was soon ready to join us. What got him really interested was when I told him what he could expect from a cultural, social and learning perspective. Today, we have among us a team member from halfway across the world, working with the marketing team in India. Gustavo leads a group of designers and is helping build world-class 3D images for Target.

I’ve been with Target for 5 years and have always enjoyed the freedom to try new ideas. And, this is exactly why I love my job! Apart from recruitment, I also get to contribute to areas that I’m passionate about. We are always encouraged to bring our ideas to life and that’s the secret of my success as a recruiter.