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I hope this blog entry finds everyone enjoying a happy and healthy summer season.  I can’t believe its already July.  Summers are always busy but this one has been especially so for me. I have taken my passion for retail health on the road attending 3 major conferences for healthcare professionals.

It started in early May with attendance at the Retail Clinician Education Congress – a CME program presented by the Convenient Care Association.  The CCA is a national trade association of companies and healthcare systems that provide consumers with accessible, affordable, quality healthcare in retail based locations. In addition to attending this great educational program, I was also able to present 2 Target Clinic practitioners with an Unsung Hero award which recognizes those that go above and beyond the call of duty in the retail clinic setting.  It was wonderful to be able to honor some of the great clinicians we have on our Target team!

A week later I was in Boston, MA for the American Academy of Physician Assistants annual CME conference.  The AAPA is an organization of over 40,000 PAs with a mission to ensure the professional growth, personal excellence, and recognition of physician assistants, and to support their efforts to enable them to improve the quality, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness of patient-centered health care. Once again the CME was superb. At this conference I had the additional opportunity to be a speaker for a CME session educating others on the role and importance of retail health.  It was a great opportunity to learn, teach and make some new connections with other PAs from around the world. It wasn’t all work though- I was able to enjoy “PA night at the Park” with a tour of Fenway Park,

From Boston, I went on to my next conference in Nashville, TN to represent Target Clinic at the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners annual conference. The AANP is the largest, full-service professional membership organization for nurse practitioners and represents the interests of approximately 155,000 NPs. This conference serves as an opportunity for NPs to build community and share in medical education.  I had the pleasure of meeting hundreds if not thousands of amazing NP’s at our booth in the exhibitors hall. It was great to see so many people interested in the work of Target Clinic – to provide high quality, low cost, convenient care to our communities.  It was clear that these NP’s work hard and study a lot – but we were also able to insert some fun with a trip to the Grand Ole Opry and some line dancing on Broadway Street.

This travel has been nothing shy of amazing and I am grateful for these wonderful opportunities to meet such marvelous PA’s and NP’s and share our healthcare journey.  If I missed you in Minneapolis, Boston, or Nashville or you just want to connect and share your passion for healthcare, Target, or retail clinics please don’t hesitate to drop me a line- I’d love to share a part of this summer with you.

RX Intern: Immunization Pharmacy Table

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My name is Revika and I am a pharmacy intern in Florida. A few weeks ago we held an immunization awareness event at our store.

I was able to represent our pharmacy at the front end of the store by hosting a pharmacy immunization table with the assistance of a pharmacy team member. Together, we were able to educate our guests on immunizations, drive sales for our pharmacy and store and indirectly drive a healthy community. Key wins from our table were that we signed-up eight contacts for immunization call backs in the fall, handed out 75 welcome kits (which included a hand sanitizer, our pharmacy business card, new patient profile, coupons, and a target pen) and conducted four blood pressure screenings.

In addition, I had the pleasure of interacting with a guest in a one-one informative consultation about our specialty pharmacy because of the special medications he fills at another retailer. I was also able to help this guest compare our $4 generics medication  to the cost of medications he gets filled at his current pharmacy; I am proud to say this guest was amazed to learn about the dollar amount he could potentially save from establishing a relationship with us. In the end this guest was extremely excited to learn about our specialty pharmacy and medication cost savings. He verbally expressed to me with great enthusiasm that his next batch of medications will be filled at Target pharmacy!

As an intern, one key learning from planning the event was that during execution phase I had to think quickly on my feet and redirect my planned ideas. Initially, I planned to speak with guests about the clinical benefits of immunizations during the education process. However, this all changed after the first five minutes of interacting with guests. I definitely knew the message I wanted to get across so I figured out that each time I interact with a guest my message would have to be tailored to each individual.

Overall, the event was an amazing experience to educate our guests, drive sales, and indirectly impact our community’s health. I encourage all interns (pharmacy and non-pharmacy) to plan and execute an action plan that focuses on creating a great moment for our guests because it is truly a rewarding experience for you, your store, and most importantly, our guests.

Post by Revika, Pharmacy Intern

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Target Clinic goes to Vegas

In my position as an area clinic manager, my business travel is typically limited to the area where I manage Target Clinics (in this case the great Twin Cities of Minnesota) but recently I had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas! “Why Vegas?”,  you might ask. To attend the annual conference of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners™ (AANP), of course! The AANP is the largest, full-service national professional membership organization for nurse practitioners (NP) of all specialties and represents the interests of approximately 155,000 NPs. This conference serves as an opportunity for NPs to build community and share in medical education.

I got to spend my time at the conference doing two of my favorite work things – interacting with amazing medical professionals and talking about Target Clinic. I was part of a team manning a booth to spread the word about Target Clinics to nurse practitioners from across the country. Target currently has clinics in only six states so a lot of NPs were (pleasantly) surprised to see us at the conference.

Turns out Target Clinic and the AANP have a lot in common. The AANP is an advocate for providers of high-quality, cost effective, patient centered healthcare and Target Clinic looks to provide these things to our guests – a perfect match! The providers I met were really excited to learn more about retail healthcare and the services we provide to our Target guests and communities. They were also pretty excited about the healthcare tins of Target facial tissue, bandages, and hand sanitizer we were giving away (I think the bandages most of all since several NPs, like me, had blisters from walking the Vegas strip and dancing!)

Even with the blisters the conference was a huge success. I met some great NPs that I would love to see become Target Clinic team members! It was also great opportunity to share more about retail healthcare and Target Clinics growing presence in this arena. So for all you NP’s out there, keep your eyes peeled- a Target Clinic could be coming to your area soon!

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Improving safety for our guests

In the midst of my third week interning at Target pharmacy, our executive pharmacist came to me with an assignment. She had been cleaning out the storage room to prevent pharmacy diversion and came across a Sharps Container.  For those of you wondering, Sharps are any device that can puncture or penetrate the skin. Home Sharps Containers hold items such needles used for the treatment of diabetes, glass, and syringes. Sharps Containers must be disposed of properly because they put workers on collection routes at risk for Hepatitis, HIV, and other potentially harmful blood borne pathogens and diseases.

So taking this into account, where does one take a Sharps Container?  How do you properly dispose of it? Our whole team honestly had no idea, and that’s where my part began.. First, I did a little research into what kind of support our county offers for waste disposal. From there, I took our Sharps container to one of the clinics listed as being a disposal center.

After a little bit of thinking and discussing with my mentor, we decided to share our knowledge gained from this experience with our guests. Many of our guests use self-injection at home and aren’t always aware of proper safety steps that need to be taken with their used needles. We printed out a list of clinics within our county and all pertinent information about proper Sharps disposal. We taught our team about counseling points for our guests. It has been a fun and easy experience that came to our team. However, it has taught me that even as an intern I have the potential to impact my store, guests, and community.

Post by Mary Alice,  Pharmacy Intern

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