the art of the hunt…

I know it’s cliché to say, but the buyer role is a true mix of art + science.  A R T, because there’s an aesthetic to merchandising and placing product on shelves (people buy with their eyes after all, right?) and S C I E N C E, because TGT is obsessed with numbers, formulas, and processes.  For good reason though – it’s easy to get sucked into the romance of buying … buying is essentially the same thing as shopping, only you’re shopping for the whole country instead of yourself.  It’s easy to just want the latest + greatest, or the shiniest + prettiest… but in the end if your purchase isn’t going to give you a return, then you need to let it go.  Buyer’s remorse on your statement is one thing.  Buyer’s remorse on your performance review is no bueno.

We just got back from a trend trip to NYC – trend shopping is a great way to put some muscle behind the A R T side of the job.  I know what you’re thinking – I buy appliances… functional electrics that plug into wall sockets… what the heck do I need to go trend shopping for? But really, cool hunting is how Target stays ahead and delivers on the Expect More, Pay Less promise.  You already know that you can walk my kitchen aisles and find blenders and slow cookers.  That’s the “expect” piece.  But when you’re browsing and you discover my exclusive damask patterned slow cooker (for $19.99!  whaaaa???) or a stand mixer donning Pantone’s color of the year (tangerine!), that’s the “expect more” that I strive to deliver every day.

So what’s the next trend?? You’ll see soon 🙂  I’m still marinating on my finds from our trip – to be truly ahead, you have to look beyond your category.  I soaked in what’s happening in high fashion, upscale department stores, teeny tiny soho boutiques, and culinary hot spots ( why is Eataly so amazing??  must. go. there. again. *nom*nom*nom*).  Believe it or not, there’s a lot of overlap between ready-to-wear and your kitchen.  But before I get too carried away with the A R T of it all, I need to go scrub my financials.  Nerding out is how we get to the “Pay Less” side of our promise.


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