Black Friday: My Favorite Day of the Year!

When I tell people outside of Target about Black Friday, their first inclination is to make a face or offer a comment like “That is a crazy day—I wouldn’t go out shopping that day.” Most assume that it is also the most stressful day of the year to work at Target; which I will now tell you is just not true! By far and large, Black Friday is the event that my team and I look forward to the most every year. What other day of shopping do I have all my leaders working, all my team members in the store, and when you simply think about the time we put into planning—there is no way it can go poorly!

We started planning this year’s event back in September by identifying key positions for our team like crowd management control leader and preliminary planning. Just two weeks ago, my leadership team and I walked through the plan in detail for this year. In my experience, creating Black Friday plans can be a little difficult sometimes—I am brand new to this Target store and I also have two new executive team leaders on my team who have never seen a Black Friday yet. I decided the best way to create our plans at this store was to do a realistic walk-through of what the day would look like. My team came prepared with packets full of information from the previous years and ideas to improve this year. It was an awesome experience to walk step by step through the “what if’s” and “can we do this” to find that my team had thoughtful plans and were ready to begin executing them. As I went leader by leader, it dawned on me to ask my team how many Black Fridays they have worked. When we added it all up, we had over 45 years of Black Friday experience to draw on!

Suffice to say; there are always unknown elements in play on Black Friday and there will always be a few things that we cannot account for. But, working with this team, I have the distinct impression they are ready to win and can be adaptable. This will personally be my 7th Black Friday with Target  and my 5th as a store team leader—I’ve come to trust my team to be able to make the key decisions that will impact their departments in preparation for the day. There are so many competing priorities that to try to take it all on at once would be near impossible…so I guess it’s a great thing that I have an amazing team!

Black Friday? Bring it on!

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