Target Encourages More Movement For All

We hear it a lot, “Just move more and you will improve your health.” Really, is it that simple? As a society we have engineered movement out of our daily routines. We can program just about anything including locking our doors and making our coffee from the comfort of our own beds. These are great developments and we want to embrace innovation, however, we still, as a society, need to move more! And internally, at Target, we are trying to encourage just that: more movement!

This past year we had some incredible partnerships & offerings for our team members as well as our guests & our community. In October of 2015, Target partnered with Fitbit to provide free or discounted Fitbits to all of our team members as well as offer the opportunity to participate in the largest employer sponsored activity challenge to date. We embraced the benefits of movement and empowered our 340,000 team members to move more; we had some healthy competition amongst our teams, the top teams (based on average steps/day) cumulatively donated $1,000,000+ to local wellness non-profits of their choice. Internationally, our Target India team provided GOQii bands to team members and encouraged movement & active living at the Target 10K that was organized for team members.
We not only partnered with Fitbit & GOQii this past year, but Target also partnered with U.S Fund for UNICEF to empower kids to get active & save lives. I couldn’t be more proud of this team and what we’re doing to encourage and embrace one’s total well-being.

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t take a minute to encourage you to focus on adding more movement to your routine. Daily physical activity/movement is a primary mood enhancer, sleep producer, and overall well-being elevator. Yet, most of us don’t move enough. What is enough you ask? Let’s start with this simple logic.

•   Beginners, try to move three times a day like you are late for a very important meeting. Only you know what that pace is and how to pick it up or slow it down. Believe me, if you break this into 3/10 minute fast walks, you will be very surprised at how great this activity will make you feel.
•   Intermediate, we are creatures of habit and often do the same thing over and over. Mix it up, take a risk and try a new class, sport, yoga or meditation app. What do you have to lose besides stress and anxiety?
•   Advanced, work on recovery. Those of you already pushing the movement limits probably aren’t the best at taking breaks, stretching, and or restorative actions. Don’t underestimate the importance of a day off from strenuous activity.

By making physical activity feasible and fun, we are hopeful that we can play an active role to help our team members, guests and communities live their best life.

We will see you out on the walking paths, tennis courts, ski slopes or anywhere else that activity is the main ingredient.

Be well –

The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: F is for Fringe Benefits

Photo: Derek and his popcorn

I’ll be honest here.  I had no intentions of working in retail pharmacy longer than I had to.  When I first moved to Dallas, I went to work for Target because it made financial sense.  I was going to work  here for six months and then quit to go to work at the big, fancy downtown hospital.  Sure, I was going to take a pay cut, but it sounded so glamorous.

So, why am I still here twelve years later?  What keeps me from going to work for one of the other retailers seen on every corner in town? For the fringe benefits of course!  Where else am I going to get:

  • One stop shopping.  It is so nice being able to pick up fresh groceries, diapers, a cute outfit for the evening, and a movie all in one place without even leaving work.  Every now and then I have to go shopping somewhere else, and it is torture.
  • 10% off on the coolest stuff.  Remember the Missoni for Target craze? It all sold out in one day, but I was able to score an awesome shirt and even save a little money on it.  Practically everything in my house came from Target, and I just love it when visitors ask, “Where did you find that?”
  • People watching.  The public never ceases to amaze me.  Enough said.

There are a few of us in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that have been Target pharmacists for over 10 years.  Here are some of the awesome responses they gave:

  • Tamara said, “I must say the number one thing that keeps me here is my team.  We’ve built great relationships with each other and it would be extremely hard for me to leave them.”
  • Lori said, “My partner and my team”  (good to know since she is my partner!)
  • Becky said, “Continuing to work with teams on developing and providing a great resource to guests.”
  • Cate said, “The first thing I think of is my peers.  There are so many of my team members that are so much more than just that.  I consider them friends as well!  The support I get from them is amazing!  Target sees the reason most of us became pharmacists in the first place…to take care of people.”
  • And, finally, our resident comedian Derek (pictured above) said, “I love the smell of fresh popcorn and I believe there is a direct vent from the pharmacy to Food Avenue.  Who could leave that?”  HA!

If it isn’t evident from these responses,  so many of us consider our pharmacy teams as family. I couldn’t agree more!

Interested in a healthcare career with Target? Search and apply for opportunities here.