How Target internships prepared these team members for their future careers

Target internships provide a unique, challenging, and highly rewarding opportunity for people in all stages of their professional journey. To shed light on our programs and how they help prepare interns for a future career, the Pulse team asked three Target team members to reflect on their experiences as an intern. Read on to see where they are now and get their take on our programs, opportunities post-internship, and advice for future Target interns.   Describe your experience as a Target intern. Eddie, Principal Engineer (former technology intern): I started at Target as an intern in the summer of 2006, after my first year of grad school at Indiana University. I was placed with two others in a technology role supporting what is now the Stores & Financial Retail Services organization, working on adding free-form text searching capabilities to item search. The project was just starting, so I got to work on everything […]

Tammy Redpath talks Target in India

While you won’t find Target stores in India, the bullseye is a growing presence in the city of Bangalore. Sometimes called the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore’s culture of innovation and technology has led many U.S.-based companies to open global capability centers there. Today, Target employs around 3,000 team members in Bangalore. They work on almost every area of Target’s business – from technology and data to marketing and supply chain. Tammy Redpath, a Target executive from Minneapolis, is just completing her second year as president of Target in India. The Pulse caught up with her to talk about what she’s working on in Bangalore. What are some of your top priorities for Target in India? Tammy: The things that are important to Target in India are the same things that are important in United States – delivering our brand promise to guests, investing in the future and making Target […]

Get to know Laura, Store Leadership Team

What is the best thing about being a leader at Target? I enjoy the ability to mold great leaders. Target embraces inclusivity and diversity which makes it incredibly rewarding to be able to help guide people in their career. Target has created a culture of strong values and delivers a great experience for the team and most importantly the guest. I love being a part of this. What was the most exciting thing that happened this month? Right now, I oversee the Specialty Department and have a some incredible direct reports. It has been very exciting to see how they have grown and the level of talent that we have created. I have a Visual Merchandise Team Member who has been taking initiative and heading the training of our new Team Members. It is a rewarding sight when the Visual Merchandiser can not only create buy in, but be able […]

Get to know Angelica, Senior Specialist

Describe your typical work day. My typical work day consist mainly of taking inbound and making outbound calls to help REDcardholders find solutions to bring their accounts up to date. We all have a schedule each day that will specify when we have breaks, lunches, and/or any other meetings, etc. The majority of the day is on the phones, but during the week we may also have a few department events or meetings. It could get monotonous to be on the phone all day, but we make it fun by having games or contests throughout the week. What is the best thing about being a Senior Specialist? The best thing about being a Senior Specialist is being able to help others in difficult times. Understanding their situations allows me to empathize with cardholders to help them move forward to a solution. Making a positive impact in our guest’s life is […]