Get to know Jamie, Lead Product Designer for Enterprise Item

What is the best thing about being an Enterprise Product Designer? Helping people. That seems so cliché, but it has never been truer for me in my career than working on the Enterprise UX team at Target. The software that my teams and I are working to improve and create are used by fellow team members all day, every day. If it’s difficult and frustrating to do your job, I want to fix it! It’s so powerful to have a purpose where my work helps to increase efficiency, team member job satisfaction, and data integrity. Item data (and those who care for it!) is at the heart of what runs our business at Target, and it’s exciting to be in a space that has so much team member, company, and guest impact. What is your favorite thing about working at Target? Our mission. I feel that mission on a cellular […]

What the UX team learned packing rice – and why you should join us next time!

On April 11, members of the UX team volunteered at Second Harvest Heartland, a food packing facility for families in need. This event was organized by UX designer Courtney. She took the initiative to get us organized and ready for our volunteer day. We proudly wore our red Target t-shirts, arrived at the facility and had a short orientation. Together we helped pack over 3,000 pounds of rice for families in need. My name is Julieta, and I’m a UX designer for I tried writing this article (emphasis on tried) as a chronological, inspiring journey with facts and metrics on why volunteering matters. As I was writing it, I realized how jaded I’ve become with Buzzfeed-style listicle articles that are easily digestible and easy to read, so I landed on that approach instead. Plus, as a novice writer, it makes it much more entertaining for me to write. That […]

Speaking at DevFest 2018

By Eric W., Lead Product Designer I was recently invited to speak at DevFest MN 2018, [] a Google Developer Group’s local conference intended to bring members of the engineering community together to learn and share. As a Product Designer speaking to Engineers, I was excited to represent my discipline and share some advice on how to improve the ways we work together. Great Product Design requires great relationships, and few relationships are as important to the success of a product as the one between design and development. Both parties need to understand each other, challenge each other and compromise effectively to build the right things, at the right time with right level of quality. Most of us however, have never been meaningfully introduced to the other’s world nor felt what it is like to walk in their shoes. So the relationship between Designers and Developers can often strain under […]

Get to know Chris, Lead Accessibility Consultant

What was the most exciting thing that happened yesterday/this week/this month? Over the last month, seeing Target’s design system come to life with a collection of reusable web components. All the components and design tools are vetted and documented for accessible use. This was the “source-of-truth” type of library we have been iterating towards for the last couple of years. It’s also fostering a design and engineering culture that thinks even more deeply about accessibility, speed, efficiency, and quality. Who/What should every designer be reading/following right now? Anything that helps us think beyond our own assumptions about the world around us. A couple books that have had a great impact on me: The Power of Different by Gail Salts, MD and The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabella Wilkerson. What’s your greatest accomplishment in your career at Target so far? Joining the Accessibility Team. Truly. I’ve been so challenged and […]