How Target is Propelling More Women into the Ranks of Engineering Leadership

The Engineering Management Immersion Program (eMIP) is a development program launched in 2017 that helps to prepare engineers for leadership roles. This program is aligned with Target’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Wonder what it’s like to be an engineering professional in the eMIP program? Here’s your chance to learn more! They’re making things happen in Target Technology, and we spent some time asking them what the program is all about… Describe your background prior to eMIP. Millie: I studied computer science, art, and language in college. After college I had the opportunity to teach English in Spain and work for a Non-Governmental Organization in Switzerland. After a year, I came back to the Twin Cities and began looking for a job in the tech industry. I started working at Code42 as a server-side Java Engineer. I then moved to Prime Digital Academy as a Software Development Instructor, where […]

Get to know Shea, Sr. Data Engineering Manager

What is the best thing about being an engineer? One thing I really like is the continuous opportunities for improvement, growth, and fresh problems. There are so many ways to get better, learn more, and completely change gears that I know I’ll never get bored or stagnate. What was the most exciting thing that happened this month? I’m really excited about the new engineer, also a good friend of mine, who joined our team! It’s really great to have him on board and been fun seeing his perspective on what we’re doing and how we operate as he’s shadowing me. Who should every engineer be following right now? I think “engineer” is way too broad of a category for this, but maybe I’m just not following the right people! I do have a favorite talk to recommend to people who haven’t already seen it: Constraints Liberate, Liberties Constrain by Rúnar […]

Get to know Asher, Data Engineering Director

What is the best thing about being an engineer? The best thing for me about being an engineering leader at Target is the opportunity to solve problems at scale that have never been solved before. What was the most exciting thing that happened this month?  The most exciting thing for me this month has been that two engineers on my team are now Apache contributors. This not only showcases the kind of focus Target has on open source, but also showcases our engineering capabilities. This really puts a retail company like Target with the likes of large tech companies like LinkedIn and PayPal in terms of our engineering capabilities. This sets Target apart from our competitors and also enables us to bring top engineering talent to Target. What should every engineer be following right now? There are a ton of exciting open source projects going on at the Apache Software […]

Get to know Abbey, Product Design Director

What was the most exciting thing that happened yesterday/this week/this month? Yesterday was Pitch Day! About a hundred of us piled into an auditorium to hear new Product Ideas and concept pitches (Shark Tank style) that some of our colleagues want to bring to life to better serve our guests. It’s inspiring to see products come to life that start with just one person’s idea based on trends they are seeing from our guests. These people have built a business case, lean teams and ended with gaining business buy-in to try a proof of concept. It’s just another way that Target proves you are in the driver seat in your career. Target is interested in testing diverse ideas with our guests to see what resonates with them, and they acknowledge those great ideas can come from anywhere. Who/What should every designer be reading/following right now? I’m really enjoying the podcast […]