My Experience: Grace Hopper Conference

Earlier this month a large group from Target’s Engineering & Recruiting teams headed to the Grace Hopper Conference (GHC) in Orlando.  It was a busy week filled with great speakers and new relationships formed.  Target was nominated as an’s Top Companies for Women Technologists – specifically a company that has representation of women technologists above the mean, very exciting! One of my favorite experiences at GHC was leading Target’s Women in Technology Workshop.  This idea stemmed from the concept of working through tough issues that women in technology face.  The topics were: Pay Equity/Negotiate Your Worth Having Your Voice Heard Overcoming Obstacles, Frustrations, Remaining Resilient This was an active workshop to talk through past experiences, current situations, things you’ve tried, and ideas you have heard about.  We came back for a rapid fire share of topics to consider and consistent themes, things learned, things that made us feel uncomfortable […]

Think retail, think technology

10 years ago, I started my journey at Target as a senior software engineer in Bangalore. Over the last decade, I have been a part of the technology modernization initiatives that have enabled us to work in a nimble and agile manner. For instance, we have moved away from older methods of creating reports in legacy DB2/DataStage and using WebFocus technologies with waterfall approach to actively adopting newer technologies like Teradata/Hadoop in agile methodology. At Target, we are building advanced tools to gather insights into how we can enhance the shopping experience of our guests. The adoption of DevOps/CICD models in BI was one of the newer initiatives that I was a part of. The BI systems team (Shankar and I from Target India along with Nathan, Randy and Jeremy from Minneapolis) helped identified potential use cases for this implementation. We used technologies like VmWare, Teradata Express, Docker, Chef, Jenkins […]

coders gonna do what coders gonna do.

Internal events are an important part of how Target is growing it’s engineering culture and gives folks an opportunity to learn and do things in new and different ways. An example would be the CODEred Hack event held on June 28 where 160+ engineers from across Target converged on Target Plaza Commons to spend 6 hours bringing an idea to (hopefully) life. 28 teams worked on team identified projects that included everything from chatbots to a project that produced computer generated artwork with a Target flair to contributing a fix for a Camel Kafka open issue. Wait. Some projects involved helping the open source community? YEP! Target strongly believes in giving back to the communities of which it is a member…including the larger technology community. So what was it like at the hack? Imagine a celebration of all that is code where you are free to celebrate your inner nerd/geek/coder […]

immersive learning | こんにちは (kon-ni-chi-wa)

It was the spring of 2015 and Target’s technology teams were taking significant steps on the path to broadly adopting engineering practices related to Agile and DevOps. Based on experiences to that point, it was recognized that something was needed to take a leap forward in how to coach teams on new ways to deliver technology products and services. Enter the Dojo … “the place of the way”. Based on Japanese places of learning, Target Dojo is an environment where teams go through an immersive learning experience focusing on DevOps and Agile practices with locations at Target’s Northern Campus in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota and Target India GWS in Bangalore, India. Over the course of 4-5 weeks, teams will complete a Challenge related to the product or service they provide, learning Agile and DevOps practices, mindsets and tools in an intense (but fun) set of activities. Whereas typical Agile sprints last […]