The Power of Strategy

The path of my 15 year leadership journey with Target is a tale of two stories. The first story began with my first position as a team leader, and I was young and hungry to be successful. I worked really hard and thought that it would translate to success. It did: I was promoted Executive Team Leader after just a couple of years. What I quickly realized in my new role was that the same hard work which gave me that opportunity would not grant me success in my new position.  Still, I continued to do what I knew best and that was to put my head down and work hard.  I was a reactive leader, but because I worked hard I still got decent results and my team viewed me as a decent leader. I had my aha moment in the second half of my Target career.  I was […]

Target’s In-Style

What comes to your mind when you think about style? For many, the term style refers to one’s outer appearance, like their outfit or their haircut, but to Target, style is everything! Style is personal expression. Style is a way of life. Style is a way to share your personal story with the world! Target as a corporation understands style and has set itself apart from other retailers as a Style Destination. We’re remodeling stores, showcasing amazing new brands, and reinventing existing brands. Here at T1769, in Superior, Colorado, we have an entire team dedicated to style. Our style team is inspired by what’s going on in our market, and in the lives of our guests. They love each other, and do their best to create amazing experiences for every person in our store. Want to know more about our style team? Meet Hiruni, Laurelle, and Theresa! Hiruni: What’s your […]

Now Hiring! Visual Merchandising Leaders

In order to make sure every guest has a great trip every time they make a Target run, we’re constantly testing and innovating. One of the latest innovations is an hourly position in our stores – Visual Merchandising Leader. The goal of the position, straight from CEO Brian Cornell: “To elevate our assortment and shopping experience.” Wonder what it’s like to spend a day in the life of a Visual Merchandising Leader? Here’s your chance! They’re making things happen in stores across the country, and we spent some time asking them what it’s all about… What is a day like as a Visual Merchandising Leader? • My time is split between our home and apparel departments, and depending on the time of year, or merchandise sets we have currently in the store, I will spend my time in the area in need of merchandising attention. Using both my own creativity […]

The Value of Team

In November of 2014, I hadn’t worked a regular job in 27 years. I’d been a musician, a novelist, a web designer, an independent business owner – often all at the same time. I made my own hours, chose my own clients, and answered to no one. However, though I made a living, it was not a steady one. There were slow times and bare patches, and the fall of 2014 had been slower and barer than most. With Christmas coming, and two children expecting presents, my wife (who already worked full time) and I agreed that I would pick up some seasonal work to get us through the holidays. I hadn’t punched a clock since I quit delivering pizzas in the spring of 1987. And that was in Massachusetts. I’d never held a job in Minnesota. Neither did I want one. But I was willing to grit my teeth […]