Learn how team members like Louis bring their eye for style to Target

Ever wonder who is responsible for creating the visual product presentations you see throughout a Target store – from mannequin outfits and product displays to signage and lighting? Visual Merchandisers (VMs) play a critical role in crafting these inspiring moments for guests while infusing their own sense of style into their work each day. Interested in creating stunning visual displays of your own? Read on for insights from Visual Merchandiser, Louis. How would you describe your role as a Visual Merchandiser at Target? What is your day-to-day like?  My role as a Visual Merchandiser is rather unique. For me it is fun to come in everyday and see what creative work I can do. Whether it’s updating and creating eye-catching mannequin moments, making a beautiful display in our Home department, or of course interacting with our amazing guests to help them find that perfect outfit for an event or occasion […]

Meet our Target team leaders

Team leaders lead a business that has one purpose: to help guests discover the joy in everyday life. They lead a team that is obsessed with the guest and creates an experience that makes them say “I love Target!” to their friends and family. They bring an expertise in sales, service and merchandising and have a deep understanding of the impact they and their departments have on sales growth and total store profitability—all while building a team that truly cares about each other and the guest. From coaching, training and developing talent on their specialized teams, to inspiring and delighting guests at every touchpoint—no two days as a Target team leader are the same. So what’s it like to be a Target team leader? We recently sat down with a few team leaders to get the inside scoop.   What do you enjoy most about your role? Christian, Closing Team […]

Get to know Danny, Store Leadership Team

What is the best thing about being a leader at Target? This is such an amazing company to work for! For me, the company’s appreciation for the team was evident even during the interview process. I don’t know about everyone else, but when it comes to me, going to interview for a role you really want can be extremely scary. However, while I was going through Target’s process, before I was even hired, I was overwhelmed by the warm welcoming environment, inclusivity, and positivity from the team. Being able to bring this feeling alive for our current team and potential team members is the best thing about a Target Leader. What was the most exciting thing that happened this month/year? This month, being able to be 100% staffed with leaders and team members going into the holiday season AKA the busiest time of the year. We’re staffed with a pretty […]

Get to know Darren, Store Visual Merchandiser

What is the best thing about being a leader at Target? The best thing about being a leader at Target is being able to share my knowledge and experiences as a visual merchandiser with other team members. Nothing is better than helping a team member who may be new to merchandising, really understand a Visual Merchandising Guide! What was the most exciting thing that happened this year? The most exciting thing to happen to me over the past few months was the new full store remodel at our Target store. This was an awesome opportunity to completely revamp the style floor pad and watch the entire team play a part in making the Apparel & Accessories 2.0. vision come to life. Who should every leader be reading right now? “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek. It is about making your team feel valued and how to be an effective leader […]