Design, Delivery, and Dynamics

“Leah, what does Popular Mechanics magazine about stealth jet bombers have to do with marketing at Target?”  Read on, my friend. Every month the Guest Insights and Marketing Business Intelligence team gets together for what we call our monthly “Summits.”  The idea came out of team member feedback, as teams were yearning for more opportunities for training and skill-building.  A few years back, we started implementing these gatherings that take place  one Friday morning of each month. Our leadership (senior managers, directors, and vice president) have made these Friday mornings a priority on their busy schedules so it’s another great chance to not only hear updates, but just get to know them better in a relaxed environment (ps  – Fridays are always casual here at corporate, so it changes the atmosphere a bit already!) This month, our main topic was on facilitation skills.  Not boring meeting facilitation, mind you.  We […]


As you may know, Target partners with many top music artists to offer exclusive bonus tracks to our guests, on Target deluxe versions of their albums.  We have a long history of artist partnerships, which have included Taylor Swift, P!nk, Prince, Christina Aguilera, and Beyonce.  While we of course love what these partnerships do for album sales, the marketing team recognizes the great value that they have for the overall Target brand as well. Last month, you may have seen the creative commercials promoting Justin Timberlake’s new album, “The 20/20 Experience”.  Target teamed up with the six-time GRAMMY-Award winning artist to offer a deluxe edition with two bonus tracks, exclusively at Target. During the GRAMMY awards, JT performed the super-catchy “Suit & Tie” single, and then Target followed his performance with the exciting announcement of the partnership in the commercial, “Mic”.  However, my favorite spot was even more clever in […]

Guest Research in Los Angeles and Denver

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel for work to visit Los Angeles and Denver. While not every position here at headquarters allows travel (or requires, depending on how you look at it!), it is one of my favorite parts of my job in the grocery area. I don’t particularly like airports, taxis or hotel rooms away from home and family but I do love talking directly with our Target guests. For this research my team met pre-contacted guests at their homes and interviewed them in their living rooms and kitchens- environments that are familiar and comfortable. I love this type of qualitative research (called ethnography) because it gives us a pretty good idea of what their lives are really like, from their daily schedules and routines to the organization of the pantry and bathroom cabinets. The guest then takes us on a quick tour that allows them […]

The Everyday Collection

Have you seen them yet? The new “Everyday Collection” (click here) ads premiered recently, bringing a new, glamorous, and yet witty twist to everyday groceries. It’s probably not what you expect for a grocery commercial. But then again, it’s Target! Way back since the late 1960’s, Target has been blessed with a term our Guests gave us – “Tar-zhay”. Years and years of a focus on trends and successful design partnerships from Michael Graves to Missoni have built a strong association with style and chic appeal… without compromising our dedication to affordable prices. Yet in talking to our Guests, the grocery team knew that food and household needs just weren’t perceived in the same way as the rest of the store. That’s why I’m so excited for this launch! I love the Everyday Collection campaign because it humorously brings that same Tar-zhay feel to the more routine, traditionally mundane world […]