Preparing for Interns Coast to Coast

Springtime is an exciting time for Target – it means that preparation to welcome over 1,000 Interns across the country is in full swing! Read on to learn more about how our Intern teams are working hard to prepare and what you can do to have a successful summer! Jesi, Lead Executive Recruiter, Campus, from Stores and Distribution: Interns! Interns! Interns! That is my number one focus as we head into the big Intern Kick-Off in my markets! Intern Kick-Off is my Black Friday. It’s the day where all of our recruiting efforts over the past school year come to light as a group of amazing young leaders joins the Target Team as Store Executive and Distribution Operations Interns. But before we get to that big day, there is a ton of preparation that goes into planning all things Intern. It starts in the fall…we take a look at the […]

Making the Bullseye – The Executive Intern’s Guide

Here are the main lessons I have taken away from my experience as an Executive Intern for Target: Know your team, know your business. Your first week as an Intern at Target feels like learning a new language; there are hundreds of business concepts, terms, and especially acronyms to take in. This is just one reason why building relationships with your team is crucial as they will teach you the language of Target and help you become a successful leader. It is a matter of weeks before you will be leading your team of 100+ people in order to operate a multi-million dollar store (with full support from your store mentor of course!). Knowing your team is dually critical when giving directions and when asking for help. You’ll also find that the team has some pretty amazing people on it! Embrace uncertainty and be courageous. Much of the executive internship […]

A Few of Many Lessons Learned at Target

I am halfway through my second summer with Target and I cannot believe how fast time is going. I’m a senior, but I will be graduating in December, so I have just six short months to prepare for my next step with this great company. Originally, I found Target through a career fair at my university. Of course I had shopped at Target plenty of times, but I never knew about all of the career opportunities Target offers. My first summer in the program I was placed in Human Resources, a field I wasn’t familiar with at the time. That was my first lesson here: trust your leaders. They had taken into account my strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, personality traits and more then decided that work center was a good place to start developing my leadership skills. About halfway through I developed a passion for HR. I had already dove […]

What Z-Racks Taught Me About Life

“Oh my goodness,” I thought to myself as I stared at the dauntingly full z-rack of bathing suits in the fitting room. I was tasked with completing the re-shop at the start of the day and was utterly overwhelmed. “All right, you can do this” I said to myself, pushing the rack onto the floor. Forty minutes and an empty z-rack later I walked back to the fitting room, proud of myself and my quick work, only to find another full z-rack waiting for me. After three z-racks, I began to realize that the work load would never be truly “done.” Finished, over, box-checked does not actually exist with re-shop. How could these team members deal with this phenomenon? What must it be like to know that fully completing a task is an impossibility? When I finally got home after that first Saturday on duty I came to the conclusion […]