And It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Don’t worry, I’m not leaving Target, but I am leaving this blog. My Target journey started over five years ago as an intern at headquarters in Minneapolis.  Initially, I was not interested in working at Target, but an opportunity came my way and I thought, “this could be cool for the summer.”  Little did I know that by day four, I’d be head over heels for Target. One of my favorite things about working at Target is that I truly believe the world is my oyster here. If I work hard, I can accomplish anything.  Sounds a bit cliché, right?  Well, this blog is a perfect example.  We came up with this idea- let team members tell the Target story- and through a lot of collaboration, strategy and partnership, we made it a reality.  This was not a project where someone said, “Sukie, go do this,” but instead through my […]

Dragon Boat Festival

While the Dragon Boat Festival’s root is in an ancient folk ritual held over the past 2000 years throughout southern China, dragon boat racing has emerged in modern times as an international sport, beginning in Hong Kong in 1976. As a Chinese American I enjoy celebrating this long held tradition, right here in St Paul. I’ve been attending the local Dragon Boat Festival since my daughter was 5 years old as both a participant and Target volunteer. It’s a festival that encourages playful and interactive learning of Pan –Asian cultures, creates a renewed sense of cultural authenticity and engages Target with our local community in a family friendly and of course boat racing competitiveness. 🙂 Each year I’m excited to watch the familiar shows and performance and always delighted to see something new. A great way to spend quality time with family, in the Minnesota outdoors, of course, on a […]

Passion + Profession = Pride

Enjoy a guest post from my friend, Jason, who is a member of the LGBTA Business Council (Employee Resource Group) at Target: Everyone who knows me knows I absolutely love Twin Cities Pride!  I look forward to the celebration every year – the events in the park, the wild parade down Hennepin Avenue and the numerous block parties … so much fun!  Target has been a great supporter of Twin Cities Pride and the LGBTA community for years – having a booth in Loring Park with interactive games, hosting team member events and providing volunteer opportunities to celebrate our diversity.  But this year, we at Target are taking Pride to the next level. For the first time, Target will be offering our guests at an exclusive line of Pride merchandise!  As a buyer for and a member of our LGBTA Business Council, I was so thrilled to lead […]

a culture of appreciation and recognition

Below is a post from one of my peers, Andrea, who joined the Talent Acquisition Strategy & Operations team last year: How many times do you stop to say thanks to someone you work with? When was the last time you expressed gratitude to one of your employees? Have you ever received an email from a business partner just to tell you how much they appreciate the work you did for them? When I started my job at Target seven months ago, one of the first things I noticed was how often my new coworkers recognized others for their work. Team meetings start with recognition; team members thank each other or share with the team how someone on another team did a great job, and our manager reads emails she’s received from business partners about the work our team has done. I’ve worked for a few other companies and while […]