I’ve Got Your Back

I’m pretty sure that I have one of the coolest, most-rewarding jobs at Target. I get it. Working on the Product Investigations & Recall team does not sound as glamorous as collaborating with the newest design partner or hot, new musician, but when I describe my job to my friends, their responses sound something like, “That’s amazing! Your team is kind of like a bunch of CSI Agents who look for clues to solve cases.” While I never really thought of it that way before, that truly is an accurate statement. Let’s face it, recalls aren’t a sexy topic to talk about, but the work this team does to ensure your families and friends are safe is really quite remarkable. To put it simply, our team listens. We listen to what guests, Facebook followers, store team members, vendors, buyers, government agencies, and several other partners have to say about a […]

My Life in Product Design & Development

When I tell people what I do for a living, I usually get a two-part response. I typically get a:           “Target? I LOVE Target!!” Followed by some variation of:           “You’re an engineer, right? I didn’t know Target even had engineers! What do you do?” I then begin to share the story of my life as a Product Engineer in the wonderful world of Product Design & Development, also known as PD&D. It is a gripping tale worth telling, because a lot goes on behind the scenes as we strive to deliver high quality products for a great value! There is much to explain, but let’s start at the very beginning…a very good place to start. So sit back, relax, pop some corn, and bust out your best red and khaki outfit; here is my Target story. Not super long ago, […]

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it ” -Yogi Berra

When I started at Target 3 years ago, I was so excited to have landed an amazing job working in the health promotion field, just like my MA degree granted me the authority to do. My resume was solidly health focused—Corporate Fitness Center specialist, Public Health grant coordinator, and now an entry proudly baring Target’s name. What most people didn’t know though was how much I thought about one single line on my resume: BA, English. I couldn’t shake the feeling, yet again, that I was heading down a path that had nothing to do with English. I love health (like, I really dig it) but my first love of writing and communication was never far from my heart. Even after I had started at Target and got the initial “so, what do you want to do next?” question, I felt like I couldn’t look back. The thought of doing […]

My Target Realization

New career. New city. New beginnings. Starting all over again. Fear of the unknown. What if I don’t make it? What if things don’t work out? Well, at least there’s food. Those are the thoughts that raced through my head. In that order specifically. Making the choice to relocate my life and career after 7 year from Las Vegas to San Francisco, the city of food, fame and great weather came with its challenges. Everyday these thoughts would fill my head with every emotion passing through like a restless wanderer. For 7 years I built a life in Las Vegas. I got into the habit of a 24 hour convenient city, where grocery shopping could be done at 2am. Where hiking was a lifestyle and yes, we had the Strip. One misconception though: As a local, your job is to avoid the Strip at all costs. As far as my […]