Meet Tyler, Music’s Inventory Analyst

What is your favorite part of working as an Inventory Analyst? My favorite part is the responsibility and autonomy that you are given. You are in charge of executing and managing inventory strategies for multi-million dollar businesses! There’s never a typical day so, what does a week as an IA look like? My calendar can go from being pretty tame to being totally packed from 8am-5pm. For me, it depends on the season and what new music titles are coming out. The bulk of my time is taken up by speaking with vendors, troubleshooting inventory problems, and planning the next big new music title. #department12 What do you hope to learn / what skills do you hope to build in this role? I have been honing my leadership skills. The IA role has made this easy as opportunities are plentiful through captainships and being a “subject matter expert”. They are […]

Q&A with a Technical Designer

Katie is a Technical Designer and has been a part of two of Target’s brand launches:  Pillowfort and Cloud Island.  Read on to learn more! What is your current role at Target and how long have you been doing this work? I work in Product Design and Development (PD&D) as a Technical Designer for both Pillowfort and Cloud Island Bedding, Rugs, Window and Bath.  I have worked in PD&D for the past 10 years. Tell us more about the Product Design & Development team. The PD&D Team, beyond being a creative group, is inspirational and engaging.  Product Designers bring together highly skilled design engineers, illustrators, fabric specialists and chemists.  We are passionate about connecting with people in new ways and designing the best products for our guests, intersecting both aesthetic and quality with an affordable price point.  In most cases, we articulate to our vendors every detail from trims and […]

I’ve Got Your Back

I’m pretty sure that I have one of the coolest, most-rewarding jobs at Target. I get it. Working on the Product Investigations & Recall team does not sound as glamorous as collaborating with the newest design partner or hot, new musician, but when I describe my job to my friends, their responses sound something like, “That’s amazing! Your team is kind of like a bunch of CSI Agents who look for clues to solve cases.” While I never really thought of it that way before, that truly is an accurate statement. Let’s face it, recalls aren’t a sexy topic to talk about, but the work this team does to ensure your families and friends are safe is really quite remarkable. To put it simply, our team listens. We listen to what guests, Facebook followers, store team members, vendors, buyers, government agencies, and several other partners have to say about a […]

My Life in Product Design & Development

When I tell people what I do for a living, I usually get a two-part response. I typically get a:           “Target? I LOVE Target!!” Followed by some variation of:           “You’re an engineer, right? I didn’t know Target even had engineers! What do you do?” I then begin to share the story of my life as a Product Engineer in the wonderful world of Product Design & Development, also known as PD&D. It is a gripping tale worth telling, because a lot goes on behind the scenes as we strive to deliver high quality products for a great value! There is much to explain, but let’s start at the very beginning…a very good place to start. So sit back, relax, pop some corn, and bust out your best red and khaki outfit; here is my Target story. Not super long ago, […]