Get to know our 2019 Grace Hopper Celebration presenters

Target is proud to once again sponsor the Grace Hopper Celebration – the world’s largest gathering of women technologists designed to highlight the research and career interests of women in computing. This year we’re bringing a few of our best and brightest to share their insights with attendees, while also showcasing how Target is leveraging data, technology and a culture of learning to drive innovations in retail. In advance of the conference, the Pulse team caught up with a few of this year’s presenters. Read on for what excites them most about their work – and then visit for the schedule and topics they’ll be covering at this year’s event.   What’s the most exciting or innovative project your team is currently working on? Mike McNamara, Chief Information Officer: I love when we work through complexities to make things simple. To paraphrase Steve Jobs: through focus and simplicity, you can move […]

Meet our Data Sciences Team

Target’s Data Sciences team employs a uniquely capable and brilliant team of engineers, data scientists and analysts. They’re responsible for creating the tools and data products that enable business partners to make sound, data-based decisions, and they help develop the technology that personalizes the guest experience—from product recommendations to relevant ad content. The Pulse team sat down with three Data Sciences pros to find out what’s interesting and exciting about working with data at Target. Hear from Brindha, Senior Manager, Business Intelligence Engineering, Janet, Director, Data Sciences and Kristina, Principal Data Scientist on what it’s like to work on Target’s Data Sciences team. What’s the most exciting or innovative project you’ve worked on recently?  Janet: For the last year, we’ve been moving into computer vision, which is algorithms to understand images. Why is that important? We use it to algorithmically understand the images of our products, which in turn allows […]

Toilets Flush. Lights On.

“I make sure the toilets flush and the lights come on.”  This is the way I described my job to the Girl Scouts who visited Target headquarters for career day.  I am sure they were not overly impressed with my job at first.  After I explained the technical planning that goes into making sure the plumbing and electrical systems work properly, they nodded in agreement at how important this role is for Target. My name is Renae, and my team is responsible for the maintenance strategies for the plumbing and electrical systems at nearly 2000 stores.  Nearly everyone who shops at Target will recognize the systems we manage; the exterior signs, the lights inside the store, the neon that greets you when you walk in, the hot water used to make the coffee, the restroom fixtures like toilets and hand sinks.  We also manage the systems that go un-noticed to […]

A New Role

For the past two years, I’ve been working as a product engineer developing picture frames and limited time only products. I have been largely focused on the item-level details of our various assortments. I reported to a product development manager (PDM) whose job it was to lead us through the process of product development, and ensure every member of the team (buyers, packaging, engineering, design, leadership) were all producing the right deliverables at the right time. He managed our development calendar in order to anticipate obstacles, secure resources and create strategy. He facilitated the correct conversations at the correct time to create alignment with other teams and leaders. He was a program manager at the core, with additional responsibility for team and technical strategy. It was his job to keep the cross functional team running smoothly, producing great product and getting it to stores on time.  (He did great, btw.) […]