Discovering a Passion for Supply Chain

The first time I walked into a Target distribution center I didn’t know much about supply chain. It was early March of 2013. After spending several years bouncing around North Carolina, Virginia and D.C. working in grocery stores and restaurants, I’d decided to move back to my hometown of Suffolk, Virginia. I needed a job and the local Target warehouse was hiring. I started out working the outbound dock, loading freight on trailers and learning the basics of warehousing and distribution. I was eager to learn as much as I could, and fairly quickly I was given additional responsibilities as a trainer and a backup utility attendant. I learned a lot about inventory management and discovered that I have a passion for this kind of work. For me, Target started out as a job at a warehouse, but quickly became a career in supply chain. Thanks to Target’s flexible work […]

Colorful Communication

Communication is one of the biggest keys to success in a fast-paced environment at the distribution centers. Knowing the most up to date information allows us to make better decisions each day. It also allows us to stay connected to the bigger company priorities and initiatives. Each year we take the Best Team Survey to voice opinions on all different aspects of Target. Getting feedback on the areas we are doing well in and opportunities to improve help us become a better team. This year we identified that team members wanted to see more communication about Target, the distribution center and the department from us. There are several communication vehicles already out there including Communication Alley, Table Talkers, and Start up Announcements. To better understand what the team was looking for in addition to those, we solicited feedback and asked what information they wanted to see. They said they wanted […]

Test your strength!

We enjoyed the last of the warmer weather as a team with an outdoor carnival! Our Events Committee brought together classic carnival food and games for a fun team event. We had a great time eating popcorn, snow cones, and nachos while engaging in some friendly competitive games: speed pitch, high striker to test our strength and other lawn games. I was able to talk with one team member after the event and I asked her a few questions about what she thought of the carnival. Q: What was your favorite part about the FFF carnival? A: Getting together with everyone outside of working to be able to have fun. Q: What games did you like the best? A: I liked the strength game. I tried my best to get the highest score. Q: What food did you enjoy? A: The nachos were great! For me, my favorite part about […]

Pie in the Face

The results were in! In an effort to support the United Way, Distribution Center T551 had Penny Wars. We divided ourselves into 6 groups: 1 for each senior leader/shift group and1 for the non-operational team members. The rules were simple: raise as many points as possible to win. Each group had a collection bucket that anyone could contribute currency to. Pennies were worth one point each, however, larger currency was deducted from the total. The points were added up at the end and the execs from the group with the lowest amount of points received a pie in the face! When I announced current standings each morning at start up, the team members smiled the few times I said that our A1 shift was near the bottom. I think the team members would have had a kick out of seeing me in the hot seat! After 2 weeks, the points […]