Engineering without the Bro-code

I would like to share my experience when I started at Target three years ago. My first day started like most at a large company. A recruiter welcomed me and she showed me to my desk and introduced me to my engineering manager. I went to lunch with my EM and she told me about the team and what my role would be on the team. After lunch I was introduced to the product owner of the team. The PO talked about her goals and the exciting initiatives she had planned for the group. At this point I want to step back and point out the pronouns that I used. All of the people who I have talked about were female. This was really the first thing that stood out to me. Women in technology is a large focus at Target. Throughout my career in tech it has been primarily […]

Feeling Full

How does one make the skills and assets you acquire in your career impact the most salient parts of your life? This is a question I asked myself at least once each financial quarter. Does what I do matter? Am I truly making a positive impact on the world? Am I actually ‘paying it forward’? As a diverse team member, am I leveraging my unique perspective to make sure Target hears the voice of guests like me? Up until recently, I did not have a tangible answer to the questions above. Of course, we are all here to make sure the millions of people who enter Target stores across the nation can find the items they need to be the most creative, unique, effective, and fulfilled individuals. Most of us never get to see the joy these guests feel beyond a quirky Fall National Meeting video or a few posts […]

What “Target Family” Means to Me

If you ask almost any team member what they love about working at Target, whether it’s in a store, distribution center or our HQ offices, the first answer you’re likely to get is, “the team!” I’ve worked at Target for a little over a decade, and it’s always been my answer too. Sure, I also love the challenging work, scope and impact of projects, the ever-evolving landscape of retail and the ability to make an impact to so many guests. BUT… my team has become my second family. How cool is it to work at a place and feel that I get to come into work every day and partner with people who are amazingly smart, talented, challenge me daily, but also care about me and my family on such a personal level? I wanted to share a personal story about the impact my Target team has had on me […]

What Does It Mean to Be Fully Present in the Moment?

What does it mean to be fully present in the moment? How about we all start by putting down the phone, closing our Facebook windows, pause the snapchats, and give me just a minute of your time… Like most of us, we pack way too much into our days, we worry about things that haven’t happened yet, we multitask, run late, and end our days, weeks and years wondering where the time has gone. This doesn’t have to be your reality. This is not the point where I say that we should all become meditation guru’s, although the benefit of mediation helps tremendously. This is where we talk about being more mindful. Did you know if we slowed down, offered ourselves more time in the day to think and just breathe consciously, it is scientifically proven that we reduce our heart rate, make better decisions and have fewer accidents. This […]