A Decade to Celebrate

I have often tried to relate my career to a journey. A journey that has been marked with its share of ups and downs. When I am asked which part of my career journey I remember the most, I spontaneously respond – “the part where I am right now”. This has been my response for the last 12 years. My working life at Target India has given me the perfect blend of new opportunities, challenges, avenues for innovation, a great team, work-life balance and loads of fun. Starting out in a Finance role at Target Sourcing Services (TSS) in Delhi, I was introduced to different cultures and team members from other countries. The learnings from those days are still fresh in my memory. After six years at TSS, I moved to Target India in Bangalore. My new role gave me great learning opportunities and a chance to continue honing my […]

Living My Calling

Ten years at Target!  As I reflect on that milestone, one thought pushes itself to the forefront:  Target to me will always be a place that lets me bring my passions and interests to work. My current role leading Corporate Social Responsibility at Target India is the one closest to my heart.  This is what brings me to the office each morning, knowing that I get to work on my passion: to make a difference. I have always been passionate about volunteering. Call it good luck, but during my very first week of my employment at Target I participated in a volunteering event and I was hooked for the next 10 years. The best thing about my job is that no two days are ever the same and every day my experiences teach me something new. The leadership team has always been supportive and open to new ideas. For instance, […]

Engineering without the Bro-code

I would like to share my experience when I started at Target three years ago. My first day started like most at a large company. A recruiter welcomed me and she showed me to my desk and introduced me to my engineering manager. I went to lunch with my EM and she told me about the team and what my role would be on the team. After lunch I was introduced to the product owner of the team. The PO talked about her goals and the exciting initiatives she had planned for the group. At this point I want to step back and point out the pronouns that I used. All of the people who I have talked about were female. This was really the first thing that stood out to me. Women in technology is a large focus at Target. Throughout my career in tech it has been primarily […]

Feeling Full

How does one make the skills and assets you acquire in your career impact the most salient parts of your life? This is a question I asked myself at least once each financial quarter. Does what I do matter? Am I truly making a positive impact on the world? Am I actually ‘paying it forward’? As a diverse team member, am I leveraging my unique perspective to make sure Target hears the voice of guests like me? Up until recently, I did not have a tangible answer to the questions above. Of course, we are all here to make sure the millions of people who enter Target stores across the nation can find the items they need to be the most creative, unique, effective, and fulfilled individuals. Most of us never get to see the joy these guests feel beyond a quirky Fall National Meeting video or a few posts […]