What “Target Family” Means to Me

If you ask almost any team member what they love about working at Target, whether it’s in a store, distribution center or our HQ offices, the first answer you’re likely to get is, “the team!” I’ve worked at Target for a little over a decade, and it’s always been my answer too. Sure, I also love the challenging work, scope and impact of projects, the ever-evolving landscape of retail and the ability to make an impact to so many guests. BUT… my team has become my second family. How cool is it to work at a place and feel that I get to come into work every day and partner with people who are amazingly smart, talented, challenge me daily, but also care about me and my family on such a personal level? I wanted to share a personal story about the impact my Target team has had on me […]

What Does It Mean to Be Fully Present in the Moment?

What does it mean to be fully present in the moment? How about we all start by putting down the phone, closing our Facebook windows, pause the snapchats, and give me just a minute of your time… Like most of us, we pack way too much into our days, we worry about things that haven’t happened yet, we multitask, run late, and end our days, weeks and years wondering where the time has gone. This doesn’t have to be your reality. This is not the point where I say that we should all become meditation guru’s, although the benefit of mediation helps tremendously. This is where we talk about being more mindful. Did you know if we slowed down, offered ourselves more time in the day to think and just breathe consciously, it is scientifically proven that we reduce our heart rate, make better decisions and have fewer accidents. This […]

Brazil to Bangalore!

Did you know the compelling creative work at Target stores and on our website have an India connection? We have more than 200 team members in Bangalore who help develop innovative and world-class campaigns for Target. From art directors to copywriters, we have a super-creative team that works as an extension of the marketing team in Minneapolis. As a senior recruiter at Target India, I hire diverse talent for various businesses. For us, diversity is not just a buzzword. It’s about realizing the potential that a group of people from various backgrounds can bring to the table. Late last year, I was given the task of recruiting a 3D specialist. Someone with the knowledge, expertise and the skills to replace real-time photography with 3D software. At first, I was looking for candidates across the country (India). In my pursuit to promote inclusivity and hire the best talent, I started exploring […]

Target Encourages More Movement For All

We hear it a lot, “Just move more and you will improve your health.” Really, is it that simple? As a society we have engineered movement out of our daily routines. We can program just about anything including locking our doors and making our coffee from the comfort of our own beds. These are great developments and we want to embrace innovation, however, we still, as a society, need to move more! And internally, at Target, we are trying to encourage just that: more movement! This past year we had some incredible partnerships & offerings for our team members as well as our guests & our community. In October of 2015, Target partnered with Fitbit to provide free or discounted Fitbits to all of our team members as well as offer the opportunity to participate in the largest employer sponsored activity challenge to date. We embraced the benefits of movement […]