Meet our Target team leaders

Team leaders lead a business that has one purpose: to help guests discover the joy in everyday life. They lead a team that is obsessed with the guest and creates an experience that makes them say “I love Target!” to their friends and family. They bring an expertise in sales, service and merchandising and have a deep understanding of the impact they and their departments have on sales growth and total store profitability—all while building a team that truly cares about each other and the guest. From coaching, training and developing talent on their specialized teams, to inspiring and delighting guests at every touchpoint—no two days as a Target team leader are the same.

So what’s it like to be a Target team leader? We recently sat down with a few team leaders to get the inside scoop.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

Christian, Closing Team Leader: My favorite thing about being a Target team leader is working with a diverse group of leaders and learning from them. I also enjoy inspiring and engaging my team members so that they can deliver the best Target experience to our guests. I spend most of my time developing and working with team members, and connecting with them on a deeper level to see what drives them. You really get to work with some amazing people every day.

Tyler, Style Team Leader: I think my favorite thing is working with my entire team on a daily basis. Being in the team environment and just getting to know all the people I work with and taking the right steps to accomplish all of our goals together. Since I’ve moved into the style position, I’ve enjoyed teaching my team solid routines and watching us become more successful.

Craig, Service & Engagement Team Leader: What I really love about my role is just developing others and the connection I make with the community. Being able to connect with my staff members or enabling them to carry on with their duties and roles without me being present is rewarding. So being in service and engagement, not only do I get the opportunity to really be the first and last impression of the store, I also get to make sure my team understands what that means, and make sure that we really impact Target’s mission and that each guest enjoys the experience.


How have you been able to bring your own unique approach to your role?

Tyler: My team does these fit sessions. Every time we transition into a new set or season, I’ll have my team build outfits and then try them on, so that way they can speak to guests about what goes well together or how certain things fit. It really helps the whole team from a creative standpoint. I think it gives the team a better understanding of what we sell versus just putting stuff out on the floor and trying to remember where everything is.


How have you grown with the support of your leaders and peers?

Christian: I hone my skills through day to day interactions with my peers in collaboration to complete tasks. Plus, Target offers a wide variety of growth opportunities. My leadership team provides me with a feedback-rich environment and the tools to succeed.  They’ve supported my development by constantly challenging me and pushing me to be my best self.

Maria, Human Resources Team Leader: One of the things I have learned from Target is leadership skills—how to develop relationships with the team and to get the best out of everybody by teaching them. I think everybody has potential, and by us investing in them, we can get the best out of everybody.


How would you describe the culture at Target?

Abdi, Service & Engagement Team Leader: When I’m in the store, it feels like home, and it’s beautiful. Everybody loves everybody in our store, and it is amazing. We work together side by side, and we help each other to get the job done—we are all family.

Vanessa, Human Resources Process Team Leader: That togetherness, the family feeling, the one team, one dream kind of atmosphere—because everybody’s there for our guests but if one succeeds, we all succeed. So what I love most about working in my store is the people, because there’s always jobs—but when you work with people that you really like, that you’re comfortable with, that you know have your best interest at heart, it makes the job a whole lot easier.


What would you tell a new team leader just starting out?

Maria: One of the things that makes a team leader successful is working hard. Proving yourself and learning every single day, being open to change, absorbing information, and providing that feedback to team members. One of the things that I’m a firm believer in is that you have to teach and model what you expect. So when you work hard, your team members are going to work hard for you because they want to make sure that you get those results.

Karla: What I do tell new team members is that it’s a new opportunity. Target is looking for people to grow, and they’re going to help you. Dig into yourself and see what you have inside, like your strengths, even if you don’t think that you have those types of strengths. The company is willing to help you both improve on your weaknesses and help you with those strengths.

Abdi: I would tell a new team leader to expect a great and welcoming environment, a lot of opportunities, great leaders of course, and great benefits.


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  1. I would like to to be part of this teammember and learning every day

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    Thanks for your interest in opportunities at Target! Please visit to explore openings and learn more about the application process.


  3. The more articles I am reading, the more I look forward to exploring career opportunities with Target.

  4. Target is a great place to shop! It also seems like a great place to work!

  5. Hello you guys, My name is Nino and I am so very excited about beginning new target team member. And so, I already read them about many different thing that you guys have a lot support and learn how to leader. and I am so really excited for this job because I’m motivation high except to do it lot more.

  6. Great leaders have great information! Thank you for sharing your experiences and expressing your feelings.

  7. I am interested in several positions. I would like to work in the wemans clothing.

  8. I what to work at Target store because I like. To meet new face

  9. Hello,

    Thanks for your interest in opportunities at Target! We encourage you to visit to explore openings and learn more about the application process.


  10. Hello,

    Thanks for your interest in opportunities at Target! We encourage you to visit to explore openings and learn more about the application process.


  11. Great feedback for potential employees a lot of what is mentioned are parallel to my beliefs

  12. After learning about visual merchandiser and learning the skills I need that in the future I would like to also consider human resources as well. Thank you for all this information on all the different positions. Looking forward to working at Target.

  13. My Dad always said put some elbow grease into work, and you will be paid handsomely. He didn’t mean money, he meant respect. Sounds like to me that team leaders have a lot of support and they in turn pass that support onto their workers.

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