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Get to know Darren, Store Visual Merchandiser

What is the best thing about being a leader at Target?
The best thing about being a leader at Target is being able to share my knowledge and experiences as a visual merchandiser with other team members. Nothing is better than helping a team member who may be new to merchandising, really understand a Visual Merchandising Guide!

What was the most exciting thing that happened this year?
The most exciting thing to happen to me over the past few months was the new full store remodel at our Target store. This was an awesome opportunity to completely revamp the style floor pad and watch the entire team play a part in making the Apparel & Accessories 2.0. vision come to life.

Who should every leader be reading right now?
“Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek. It is about making your team feel valued and how to be an effective leader.

What’s your greatest accomplishment in your career at Target so far?
My greatest personal accomplishment thus far in my Target career was being recognized by our Visual Merchandising Director in front of the entire group for my outstanding work during the new brand launch of “Wild Fable”. My greatest leadership accomplishment was training two new Visual Merchandisers in our district.

What is your favorite thing about working at Target?
My favorite thing about working at Target is that everyone works together as a TEAM! Since the day I have started, everyone has been willing to offer a helping hand when needed.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
When I grew up, I wanted to be a Fashion Designer! Unfortunately I couldn’t draw, so my dreams shifted to being a wardrobe stylist and I get to express my creativity every day by putting looks (outfits) together.

What is the hardest thing about being a leader?
The hardest thing about being a leader is getting your team on board with you. Once you have your team behind you, you can accomplish anything!

Best career advice that you’ve received?
The best career advice I’ve received is to never give up on your dreams. Even when things aren’t going the way you predicted, you have to be consistent and persistent with whatever goal you want to achieve in your career. Period.

Dogs or cats?
Neither, I’m allergic.

What is your superpower/unicorn flavor?
My superpower is the ability to put fashionable looks together. You have to have a certain eye to know what looks good on someone, and for me it comes naturally.

Anything else?
Follow me on twitter @VMDarren1345 🙂

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  • Onica

    November 19th, 2018

    So happy for you Darren!!! XoXo Onica ❤

  • Andre Owens

    December 1st, 2018

    I thrive my cell phone being good on anything that I do I would love to become a Target team member I love working with the public I love organizing

  • Pulse Blog Administrator

    Pulse Blog Administrator

    December 3rd, 2018

    Thanks for your interest in opportunities at Target! Visit target.com/careers to explore openings and learn more about the application process.

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