Meet Erika, Inventory Analyst

What is your favorite part of working as an Inventory Analyst?
I really like how much responsibility and ownership I get to take of the inventory and the supply chain strategies. I manage the inventory for Office Supplies and when I identify opportunities in my business I am supported to go after them with new initiatives. This has allowed me to take on some projects that I’m really passionate about!

There’s never a typical day so, what does a week as an IA look like?
It is so true that no day is the same and I really enjoy the variety that this role offers! I do typically start the week with out of stock troubleshooting. I look at the previous week’s performance, what orders I have coming in, and identify any problem areas. I then put together a plan to get out of stock items back in a good inventory position. Another big weekly task is writing orders. I have both domestic and import items in my business so I spend a good amount of time looking into how much inventory I need to be ordering and placing those orders. The rest of my time is spent communicating and collaborating with suppliers or other business partners here at Target.

You recently took on Training Lead responsibilities, what’s that experience been like?
Being a Training Lead has been a great experience! I have gotten the opportunity to develop training content in partnership with other experts in the company and facilitate training classes. I have now played a role in helping two groups of new hires learn the Inventory Analyst role!

Describe what the onboarding experience is like at Target?
We offer a really great training program for all new hires coming into the Inventory Analyst role! It is six weeks of training really focused on best methods and processes. All new hires also have a mentor that they work closely with throughout the training process.

You also recently mentored a new Inventory Analyst. How did you get them caught up to speed?
As a mentor I helped support the training program with additional post training activities. For example, after my mentee learned how to write orders in class, I then helped him write his first order for my business. It really helps to reinforce the concepts and provides in department application of the processes that are being taught.

What advice do you have for new IAs?
Ask a lot of questions! It is important to leverage the more experienced analysts on your team, your manager, and other experts in the company to learn as much as you can while you are in training.

Are you involved in anything at Target outside of your day to day work?
I am a member of the Target Donut Club! We meet once a month to eat donuts and talk about donuts. We have had guest speakers from local donut shops and have played donut themed games.

Favorite memory on the job?
Writing my first million dollar purchase order!

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