What the UX team learned packing rice – and why you should join us next time!

On April 11, members of the UX team volunteered at Second Harvest Heartland, a food packing facility for families in need. This event was organized by UX designer Courtney. She took the initiative to get us organized and ready for our volunteer day. We proudly wore our red Target t-shirts, arrived at the facility and had a short orientation. Together we helped pack over 3,000 pounds of rice for families in need.

My name is Julieta, and I’m a UX designer for Target.com. I tried writing this article (emphasis on tried) as a chronological, inspiring journey with facts and metrics on why volunteering matters. As I was writing it, I realized how jaded I’ve become with Buzzfeed-style listicle articles that are easily digestible and easy to read, so I landed on that approach instead. Plus, as a novice writer, it makes it much more entertaining for me to write.

That being said, I do hope this inspires you and hopefully lights a fire inside you that will make you want to make time for volunteer opportunities.


1) Bonding time!
The UX team is pretty new. We as a team have grown in the past year, and we’re all slowly getting to know one another. Having time to connect outside of work while doing good for others is the perfect way to build connections with team members that you may not normally have conversations with. Plus, (surprisingly) it’s a pretty good way to relieve stress!

“A highlight for me was being able to spend time outside of work with my colleagues, and when we found out just how much food we were able to pack. It surprised me how much I was able to let go from my work-related obligations on a weekday. I had so much fun doing something so repetitive, I found it therapeutic.” – Jill, UX designer

2) Embracing our differences
There was a total of 40 volunteers that day, including our team from Target, teams from other companies like Wells Fargo, young students from a local high school, and senior folks who seemed to do this type of work regularly. I’ll let Todd say it more eloquently:

“Although we were presented with a placard stating we had packed 3,322 pounds of rice, like an oversized check presented to the winner of a sweepstakes, my impression was that our achievement there was much smaller, and yet more significant: people from diverse backgrounds working together toward a common good. I thought of that famous quote from Mother Teresa, ‘Love cannot remain by itself – it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action, and that action is service.’” – Todd, UX writer

3) It was work, but it was also fun
While we were packing rice, I spoke to a gentleman whose sole job was to add the expiration sticker to the rice pack. He took his job so incredibly seriously, and you could see he took pride on having the sticker straight, and on the correct place. After the first hour of practicing the motions, I became fixated on how perfectly I could seal each pack of rice. I knew these were for families in need and I wanted them to be perfect. It became fun to have little challenges in which I challenged myself to do it the fastest, and the neatest. As Kim also expressed:

“I felt like I was actually making a positive difference in someone’s life, and I couldn’t believe how easy (and fun!) it could be.” – Kim, UX designer

4) We’re so lucky
Not every company encourages their employees to take time out of their day to help out others. Target has a pyramid of volunteer hours that we as a company need to complete by the end of the year. It’s truly an amazing thing that Target allows us to do this, and for that I’m thankful! As Courtney also put it:

“What I liked about volunteering last week was getting out of our daily routine to help people who need a basic necessity such as food. It was so satisfying to learn how many meals we were able to pack and to feed people, and we did it all in less than 2 hours! It feels so good to give back directly to my community. It made me feel proud to work for Target and to be able to do that with my colleagues.” – Courtney, UX designer

5) Perspective
A few themes emerged from this whole experience: the teamwork, the fun, the greater good, but most of all, the “put your words into action” sentiment. We all care about our own causes: hunger, the environment, female rights, animal rights, you name it. But how can we take those issues that are dear to our hearts and start doing something about it? There’s no easy answer to that, and we all try our best. So with that, I’ll let Jen close the article with a quote that I think summarizes the entire day:

“For me, spending time with my colleagues at Second Harvest while we all happily packed rice together allowed me to see each of them in a very different light. While I was well aware of the depth that is inherent in each of us – volunteering translated that ‘knowing’ to ‘seeing’ and ‘remembering.’
Three hours of packing rice together might not change the world, but within those same three hours, two significant things happened: my colleagues changed the way I see the world and we nudged a plateful of food just a bit closer for someone in need. That is putting hope into action.” – Jennifer, PhD., UX researcher

To learn more about Second Harvest, visit 2harvest.org.

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  1. I just applied to Norco store ,Reading these stories has really inspired me …Inspired me to want to be a part of such a great company . That’s great team work. Way to go ! A company that encourages flurrshes . Just reaching out and touching the hand of someone in the comunity , means we can change this world one bag of rice at a time .

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    Thanks for looking into opportunities at Target! Visit target.com/careers to explore openings and learn more about the application process.


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