2018 Summer Interns – We’re Ready for You!

It’s almost June, which can only mean one thing – it’s time to welcome our summer interns! Target’s program representatives share more about our intern programs and what’s planned for this summer.

Christen, Field Campus Program Manager, Field Talent Acquisition
Jenna, HQ Internship Program Owner, HQ Campus Talent Acquisition

What internship programs does Target have?
We have 10 total undergraduate internship programs and 4 total graduate programs across HQ and the Field. The HQ Internship Program spans several businesses including, Digital, Target Technology Services, Inventory Management, Associate Buyers, Space and Presentation, Product Design and Development, Finance and Accounting, and Marketing for undergraduates. The graduate interns span across Digital, EDABI, Finance and Supply Chain (HQ and in the Field). For Field-based internships, we have the Stores Executive Internship and Fulfillment Center Operations Internship.

Who is involved in the planning of an internship program?
Believe it or not, but planning for interns takes a village! With Target being as large as it is, there are several moving parts and key stakeholders. Work spans an entire year from hiring, to onboarding and a lot of other stuff in between (we’ll spare the details) to coordinate the details of a 9, 10 or 14-week program. From all of the work behind the scenes by our HR generalists, learning and development partners, Target systems and technology experts, and Travel Services team to our frontline teams in Talent Acquisition including our recruiters and HQ and Field managers, mentors and administrative assistants. What’s also unique about a Target internship is that we partner with other Fortune 500 companies to plan joint internship events across the country. It’s through all these partnerships that we ensure our interns have a place to live, a way to travel, a community of peers, a project, a computer (sometimes two!), access to Target’s systems, access to C-Suite leaders, critical resources…oh, and did we mention fun?!

How connected is Target to Universities around the country?
We take our campus relationships very seriously. It’s vital in how we secure some of the amazing talent we do. Whether we’re on campus at a Career Fair, or hosting our own event, we make the most of every campus visit. We love to engage with potential candidates, meet with professors and partner with Career Services teams to ensure Target, the students and the College/University benefits. If we aren’t on campus, we are likely posting job opportunities or sourcing potential candidates from other schools.

How many interns are joining Target this summer?
Across HQ and Field, there are roughly 750 total interns joining us in summer 2018. At HQ, we have 220 total interns across our graduate and undergraduate internship programs. In the Field, there are 65 total Fulfillment Center undergraduate interns and 465 Stores Executive interns.

What piece of advice to you have for our interns?
Take advantage of this amazing opportunity! Be curious and ask questions. The more effort you put in to your experience, the more you’ll get out of it. Meet a lot of people and put the guest at the heart of what you do (because let’s be honest, you’re a guest too right?!). Most importantly, have fun and just be yourself. Embrace who you are and all that you bring to the table. That is why we hired you after all, because Target celebrates the different perspectives and experiences you bring. Our hope is that you head back to campus this fall feeling like you’ve made a real impact at Target this summer!

How can people stay connected to what the interns are up to this summer?
Follow our hashtags #TGTInterns2018 and #WeAreTarget. You can also check out A Bullseye View for Target updates and intern testimonials coming later this summer.

Interested in learning more about Target’s internship program? Visit our career site anytime!

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  1. I all ways come to target to shop and I love it. And will love to work there I’m a hard worker. I can work days and nights. Please. Thank you

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for looking into opportunities at Target! Visit target.com/careers to explore openings and learn more about the application process.


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