Congratulations! Welcome to Target Distribution!

As a child, we are told that you can be whatever you wish to be. By the time I was thirty I wanted a job that paid well and also gave me time to spend with my family while being an active provider. Not really interested in a career path at that time; I was more focused on life’s necessities such as food, water, and shelter. Little did I know that one phrase, “Congratulations! Welcome to Target Distribution” was all it would take to change my life and provide me with the two things I was lacking, a career and a sense of self.

Beginning my career at Target Distribution as an Inbound Team Member, I focused on learning everything and anything I could to help me perform my job. It didn’t take long, with the help of my extended Target family, to begin learning other areas of the warehouse too. Before long, a back-up position became available to learn job functions within the clerical offices, so I applied and got it. Since then, my career path has allowed me to work a multitude of roles within our warehouse including back-up Inbound Clerical, back up Sr. Target Security Specialist, all the while, continuing my role as an Inbound Team Member. Out of all the roles I am trained in, my two favorite job functions are being an Inbound trainer and Quality Control Assistant which is a brand new position in our building.

No two days are ever the same here at Target and each day I have the opportunity to continually learn more and more information that positively impacts my overall well-being, sense of self, and pride in the company that makes each day a challenge and a blessing. Some of my days revolve around ensuring we are meeting our company’s quality expectation. That includes pallet builds, carton counts, processing external damage. When I am in the trainer role, the expectations of my job are different. There are specialty functions that our more experienced team members learn and I get to teach them, such as technical computer programs, equipment operations and continuous improvement initiatives.

My primary goal for each and every member of our Target team is to provide a safe environment where Team Members can work and still go home with a smile on their face. After five years of being employed at T-0589, I still walk out of our building with a grin.

I love knowing that when I come to work I am making a career path with a company that provides me with all of my needs; at work and at home. When I meet a new team member and say the phrase, “Congratulations! Welcome to Target Distribution” I know that their career path can be as diverse and rewarding as mine and that makes me smile!

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