My Target Internship: Jabari

Target offers Store Executive, Distribution, HQ Undergrad and HQ Graduate internship opportunities.  Want to learn more?  Jabari, an HQ intern in Technology, shares his experience below.

Name: Jabari
Lives in: White Plains, NY
College year: 4th year at SUNY New Paltz

Why I decided to do an internship at Target:  This is my second summer at Target. The first time I chose to intern here was because I had the opportunity to meet several recruiters and visit the headquarters. The Target representatives demonstrated to me Target had a great company culture, and there was a lot of new technology to be learned. After my first summer, I can say that Target exceeded my expectations. The laid back, but still hard-working and productive tech culture was everything that I imagined and more. Through that experience, I have learned skills that have jumpstarted my professional career. I chose to come back because I knew that with Target, it could only get better. I knew that even though I learned a ton of things, my ten-week experience only showed me a tiny piece of what Target has to offer.

Which Target team(s) will I be working with this summer, and what my role is:  This year I am working with Data Store Services. In particular, I will be working as a Front-end JavaScript Web Developer to develop a web portal for internal use.

What I hope to learn and what skills I hope to build: My technological skills lie primarily in the realm of back-end Java development. For this reason, I am delighted to have been placed on a team where I will be working almost entirely with front-end. I hope to end this experience as a confident entry-level web developer who has a good grasp on JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS, NodeJS, and has a great understanding of design patterns such as Factory and Model View Controller (MVC).

My Target team first impressions:  I was surprised at the large size of the broader team, and they were all very kind when we did our rounds introducing ourselves. My immediate team is just myself and another intern. On the other hand, contrary to the larger team, I was surprised at how small our team was!

Favorite moment so far: My favorite experience so far has been when I learned that I was on a team of two that will be working on an entirely new project. Although this means more work for me, this means I will really become a master of my trade. Last year with my first experience working at the enterprise level, I really needed the support of working on a well-established team that already had its product in development. However, this time around, the team only consists of another intern and myself, and we are in charge of everything. I am ready for the challenge!


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  1. I love working at Target for the experience to meet new people . And to learn new things . Maybe make a career out of it.

  2. Hi!

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  3. Hi!

    We’re excited to hear that you’re interested in becoming a part of #TeamTarget! Find current openings and information about the application process here:


  4. I am very interested with in working with target, as I would like to learn as much as I can from your company; and develop my salesmanship!!!

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