Adventures of a Dummy

Confession: I am a dummy. A whopper. And, let’s be honest, so are you. Every human being on the planet is a dummy just by the sheer fact that we can never know everything that there is to know. The pool of possible knowledge today is like something infinite expanding infinitely at a speed increasing to the power of infinity. OK. So this is a bit of an embellishment. And if I could recover any of my deep mathematic skills I learned proving the existence of things like zero, I couldn’t prove it. But it’s not far off. No matter what we do, we all are and will forever be dummies.

So let’s embrace it!

The last couple months, I have been doing just that. And it has been by far the BEST part of my job.

I am a technical architect and one of my awesome opportunities recently is to start us on a journey to service enable business intelligence owned data just like we would any other data in the company. Not only do I get to learn new services technologies, but we are also jumping into the automation tool deep end of the pool, and we’re swimming. Granted, it’s an awkward little doggy paddle at the moment, but we’re getting our form and finding our rhythm.

I cannot not tell you how much I am enjoying this! Spending hours digging into Chef with its cookbooks, recipes and knife commands, learning how to create my own virtual machines on Openstack, reusing components in our enterprise Github to construct a complete app server in minutes, … OK, in reality, it took me days, hours of agonizing frustration, and several cries for help (thank you online Communities and automation lab!) to get to the point where I can do these things in minutes. But that was part of the adventure and the ultimate achievement is so much sweeter because of it.

Every day, I am striving to learn and try something new, take a step forward, and granted, some days, 2 steps back. But I am always moving on my crooked wiggly path towards success of something or another.

I leave you with a few things I learned on this journey should they help you on your own travels down a crooked wiggly path.

1. Always be learning
2. Work through the fear (it is often worse than any likely reality)
4. See the big picture, but don’t try to boil the entire ocean your first go
5. Get your hands dirty, like filthy
5. Break a sweat moving out of your comfort zone
6. Know who can help you (don’t spend too long alone in the pit of despair)
7. Share what you learned (don’t just be a taker, be a giver)
8. Celebrate openly…you are a dummy, forever and always. This is a beautiful thing.

You know, I am going to retract the first sentence of my post and replace it with this:

DECLARATION: I am dummy, and I am always learning, and it is simply awesome.

A confession gives a connotation of being ashamed, like I did something wrong, or want to hide something about myself. This is definitely not the case.

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8 Replies to “Adventures of a Dummy”

  1. Love learning #6 and am very thankful we have communities and smart peers across the organization that are willing to listen and help out with virtually anything. This is very helpful as I sharpen my technical edge.

  2. Great words of wisdom and insight. I officially copied, pasted, printed out, and hung on my wall your 8 pieces of though leadership here. Like you said, it feels great when you finally embrace that fact that we are dummies!

  3. Hello,

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