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I recently had the opportunity to join  Target’s talent acquisition team in partnership with the Fort Hood’s Soldier for Life: Transition Assistance Program to host Target’s first-ever recruiting event at Fort Hood in Texas.  The goal of the events was to link transitioning soldiers with Target leaders who have been through the military transition process themselves.  The onsite Target group consisted of leaders from talent acquisition, human resources, organizational effectiveness, stores, and distribution. As a team we offered military personal the opportunity to network and learn about how to make their next career move.  In addition, those that attended the event were able to participate in a professional development session to learn more about the interviewing skills necessary to prepare them for the road ahead. I was easy to see through the relationship building and the planning of the event  Target’s passion for supporting our troops.

I think this event is a great example of what we should keep doing as a company – genuinely connecting with our guests and candidates.  Fort Hood was less about recruiting and more about offering a great service to our military veterans to truly help them make a successful transition from a military career to the civilian workforce.  The extra benefit was that we were able to educate them on Target and potential careers that could be a great fit for them.  To me, this approach makes Target appealing, authentic and sends the right message of what we are all about.  More importantly, I think we have opened the doors to Fort Hood and possibly other military institutions.  As a result, we now have some great military talent in the pipeline!

Post by Eric, Senior Group Leader – Engineering & Facilities Management

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  1. As a retired military vet, I sure wish something like this had been available when I was looking around for my next career! If I can help in any way let me know.

    E&F GL (1 year)

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