Marching for PRIDE

I volunteered to March in the Minneapolis PRIDE parade that Sunday. When I got there I wasn’t sure what to expect since the last time I’d marched was back in elementary school for band. As soon as I arrived downtown the energy in the air was apparent. Tons of people were strolling around with their chests up, sporting rainbows and skin. The Target Float really stood out to me, because even though it wasn’t grandiose like the Macys float, the intricacy in it said so much. The team members who were there organizing explained to me how children had done all the individual cards that went into the float. Each card represented an ode to love and equality, not from full grown activists, but from children. It was the perfect symbol for how integrated Target is in the community both here and at large.

Before the marching began we were given advice to try and make our candy and sunglasses last. Honestly, I underestimated that bit of advice- but it proved itself right! Before we even got to the point where our company and float were announced the crowd was ecstatic. It was refreshing to see so many diverse faces huddled together, screaming out for candy, and our Target glasses. Not giving away my entire bag of candy at one stop was the hardest part. At one point, someone from the parade stopped us and gave us bottles of water. Being from out of town, this small act of kindness really stood out to me, and mixed with the excitement from marching and waving, I felt at one with the city.

By the end I was nearly hoarse from screaming out “Happy Pride!” Despite most of the volunteers being out of candy and glasses, the crowd was still enthusiastic and cheering, and we all gave our balloons away to a bunch of cute little kids by Loring Park (couldn’t see ‘em go home without something Target red to be proud of!). All in all, it was a fun-filled event with huge amounts of energy and ended up being a great way to connect with the Minnesota locals.

Post by Javin, headquarters finance intern

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    June 14th, 2015

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