Don’t You Care About Quality?

I was thinking this in my mind as I was listening to the team tell me why one of our internal applications was down (again).  “How can we not see this coming?” I asked to which I received a look of puzzlement and (likely) frustration.  A discussion ensued and it hung with me for a couple of days.  Then, on that following Saturday I was with my daughters at capoeira, a segment of martial arts, and what I noticed was that in order to have high quality in this art you need to master three things: the moves, the music, and the Portuguese language.   Understanding these three things, in unison, is what starts you down the path of being effective and ultimately, with experience, a master.  I find this very similar, in my novice understanding, to how we manage our software platforms.

Mastering our code, the environment that it sits in, the integration with other systems and the processes that they enable, I find, is where the ‘mastery’ of a platform begins.  Balancing these things enables you to have a credible, scale-able, and high quality platform.

We are building a new internal tool and this is being done in Groovy.   Some of us on the team have experience in Groovy (and Retail) and some of us do not.  As I continue to work with the team and understand how Groovy enables us to move from novice to master we get into great discussions about the effectiveness of our environments and how that relates to the code.  How Groovy naturally enables robust integration testing through Spock and how Groovy improves not only the efficiency of what we do each day it also helps with the fundamentals such as readability and the associated clarity that comes with it.

Rocky (@rockympls) is a wonderful mentor and lead engineer on our team and provided great content on this and related topics at our latest Skyway Software Symposium meetup last month.  He also demonstrated our overall team approach and methods as we build from where we are today (as novices) to what will hopefully (we plan on it anyway) be an exciting and aggressive journey to making our application the best end user tool in retail.  Because the truth is…we all care about quality, as the platforms we deliver are a reflection of who we are as individuals and a team…we simply want it to be the best.

Thank you to all of the attendees that came to our meetup, and for the great connections that we made.  If this type of environment and the deep complex problems we are trying to solve interest you please let us know; at the very least please join our meetup group (below) and we will see you soon.

Bring your skills, not your title.


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  • Theodore Skroback

    October 19th, 2015

    Do you have any openings in Quality Assurance?

  • Pulse Blog Administrator

    Pulse Blog Administrator

    October 19th, 2015


    All of our current openings are posted on You can learn more about the application process by visiting our career site and searching for positions that interest you, or applying in person at any of our stores or distribution centers.

    Thank you,

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