Boarding Call for Success

At Target, we talk about professional development using the terms “strengths” and “opportunities”-the latter being a euphemism for “weakness”. During my first weekly mentor meeting my store team leader, Rony, shared an insightful metaphor. He compared strengths and opportunities to the parts of a plane. He described that we fly with our strengths; propelled by our innate and instinctive strengths as the fuel of the plane. However, our flight will always be weighed down by our opportunities, essentially our baggage (excuse the pun). To get to our destination the quickest we must lead with our strengths and control our opportunities.

My plane, now shining with the bright red Target bullseye symbol, has swiftly ascended into clear skies. Truthfully, what makes this flight so smooth and pleasant is my team. On my first day in the store I was embraced by smiles and even a hug! My cheeks actually hurt from smiling. I am grateful to say that this warm welcome has not faded. What truly differentiates this internship from any other is summed up in two simple words: “I matter”.  I am seen, heard, and understood. Most importantly, I am held accountable. The Target culture and environment challenges my talent, responsibility, and leadership. My professional and personal growth is aided through hands-on involvement. Not only am I shadowing my mentor but I am given the chance to manage and execute with the same expectations as an executive team leader. I am held accountable for running the sales floor, managing my team and exceeding guest expectations. An ideal example of jumping in when I am interested occurred today: I had the opportunity to lead an interview with an applicant and have a say in the next steps. I felt important that I had a say in the future of Target.

As my fourth week comes to a close I can already share my advice for future interns: crave curiosity. Curiosity compels and drives our development. Taking initiative and interest in an area or simply clarifying a topic for full understanding not only demonstrates a thirst for knowledge, but a thirst for success. To me, success is flying your own plane. Target has provided me with this plane but it is my responsibility to choose the path.

Post by Jasmin, stores intern

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14 Replies to “Boarding Call for Success”

  1. Jasmin, this was amazing. We are really happy to have you be part of our leadership team!!!

  2. Jasmin, I’m so excited that you are on our team! This blog is so eloquently written and you are developing into a true leader! I’ve enjoyed watching and sharing in your development and I’m looking forward to our next few weeks!!

  3. Well said!! Awesome to hear your recognition and embrace of personal accountablity to your development.

  4. Jasmin!
    This post is amazing! I am so excited you are experiencing the greatness that Target has to offer! I have been with Target for 10 years now and I assure you that “feeling” you have doesn’t change. I am still very much excited about the work I do and the impact I have on so many people daily! The advice you give in your last paragraph will hold true. Target is an awesome vessel for growth and change, we as leaders have to embrace that and take accountability for our own paths and success! Great insight and awesome job again!!


  5. Wow! I could feel your excitement around your development and target in your words. Really well written! Happy to have you on our team!

  6. Jasmin, you have really embraced your internship and I can definitely see that you are growing as a leader. I’m so happy that you are taking advantage of all the great things Target has to offer. I know the team, especially Ronny, is super proud of you. Keep up the awesome work and keep that plane soaring!!!

  7. So well put!!! Glad you experience has been inspiring thus far and you can expect that not to change over time. Can’t wait to meet you out in stores!!!

  8. What a wonderfully written post, Jasmin. I love your enthusiasm, and it has been an absolute pleasure to watch you continue to grow as a leader at our store. Your energy is contagious! We are so proud of you!

  9. LOVE this!!! So happy to hear that you are truly enjoying your experience in G394!

  10. Your bright smile and positive attitude are pleasure to see. I love this blog and can feel your excitement about your learning experience. Your thirst for knowledge is very apparent. Knowledge is very empowering so never lose that thirst.

  11. Hello,

    I am scheduled for an interview on September 3rd at
    Target. Target seems to have the same values as I do. Wish me Luck.

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