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Today’s search is never going to be good enough to meet tomorrow’s guest demands.  This is why we, the Target Search Product team, are engaged in an unrelenting pursuit to provide an addicting search experience that delights our guests.  But how do we do that?  This is a question we consistently ask ourselves in the lab and with our various partners across Target.

Part of answering this question has taken us to moving to open source Solr, lending us the flexibility and adaptability we were previously looking for in enhancing and improving our relevancy and experience.  More importantly, it has provided us a wonderful community to engage with to learn more about how Solr is being applied to various business problems to help us enrich our own problem solving and related experiences for our guests.

As we return back to our innovative and agile DNA that the Dayton’s chartered for us over 50 years ago, we have jumped into this community with both feet and have received wonderful support from local partners in the Twin Cities and engaged in broader partnerships such as @LucidWorks who were nice enough to come and speak at Target’s second Meetup in Minneapolis on May 28th. Grant Ingersoll from Lucid Works (@gsingers) provided a fantastic talk about some of Solr’s capabilities and a cool new product they are releasing.  Our team presented our journey to date in moving to Solr and some of the hurdles we have tried to move past along the way.  Check out all of our content from our Meetup here:

Finally, as we continue to invest in this community and in our own engineers we feel strongly as our director Elwin (@elwinloomis) would say that the Twin Cities is the hidden #siliconprairie. We have wonderful engineering and ops talent in the Twin Cities and if what we have going on here seems appealing to you, bring your skills and not your title over to Target and come


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