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In an effort to build awareness and relations with the San Francisco community, our office will be hosting its first ever meetup! If you’re an infra coder, love to automate things, or just wanna meet others while checking out our office then join us at the Target Technology Innovation Center on Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 6:30 PM. Come hear developers talk about Elasticsearch, as well as techniques and tools for benchmarking, autoscaling and deployment automation. If you have no clue what any of those terms mean, don’t worry, because neither do I.

We’re especially excited given Target is sponsoring the event. So come join us, and if you see a Target person, come say hello.

As always, we’re looking to hire data scientists and engineers, so feel free to apply on our website.

Find more information on digital careers at Target here

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  1. Love your blog – and love the innovative culture we are embracing in San Francisco!

  2. As someone who understands how online advertising/marketing campaigns are run across a variety of different channels, I am extremely surprised that a company with such a well rounded and advanced digital/social strategy works with agency that can’t even schedule promotions properly. Yes mistakes happen, but serving an expired promotional display banner ad messaging a Swimsuit BOGO 50% Sale on the UPS tracking landing page for the Target Swimsuit Order that I just purchased full price (with NO promo code)? At first I was confused because it wasn’t advertised on the site, and then I spent a moment absolutely pissed that I didn’t save any money or get that deal in time.

    After going about my evening, later that night I refreshed the page to get an update on my delivery date and I noticed the Swimsuit BOGO display banner loaded again on the page. Well thanks for reminding me of how mad I was? Taking a closer look at the display creative I noticed the small grey blurry fine print that stated the offer expired 3/5. Well GREAT. Now I’m mad I didn’t see the expiration date before and spent time being upset and ranting about it to my friends throughout the day!

    Once I got over that, I became furious that of course I placed my order on 3/6 one day after the promo ended, because that’s just my luck. Ugh.

    After accepting my bad luck in every aspect of life, the digital marketer in me started to surface. What a horrible customer experience your agency consciously and actively created for me? Purchased product online, excited about the order shipping, served an ad when checking shipping status, mad the deal wasn’t messaged clearly on the site, pissed to learn the offer in the ad was actually expired; and most importantly thoroughly disappointed and upset that such a fabulous brand such as Target subjected me to this experience through their digital marketing.

    Don’t get me wrong, I complained some more to friends who work in the industry and would understand my frustration and then I went about the next 48 hours without any thought of the incident. THREE DAYS later I track my shipment because I want my new swimmies and I receive THE SAME EXPIRED Swimsuit BOGO 50% Banner?!?!?

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    Does Target brand their UPS orders landing page and everyone sees an ad? If so, is everyone who placed an order getting that ad or just me? Is Target targeting (lol) customers on mobile who have already converted? That seems like an efficient way to spend your budget…not to mention all the wasted impressions! And obviously I’ve refreshed millions of times just to really prove my point and show you who’s boss.

    The irony of the entire experience and the fact that I understand how intentional yet unintentional it all was, was far too comical not to share.

    Please fire whoever runs your display campaigns and hire someone like me! Someone who is honored to work for a fabulous brand with such a talented and strategic marketing team, that they always create the most seamless, pleasant and accurate experiences for their loyal customers!

  3. *an agency

    a typo in a rant about unacceptable mistakes is just all too perfect.

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