RX Intern: Immunization Pharmacy Table

My name is Revika and I am a pharmacy intern in Florida. A few weeks ago we held an immunization awareness event at our store.

I was able to represent our pharmacy at the front end of the store by hosting a pharmacy immunization table with the assistance of a pharmacy team member. Together, we were able to educate our guests on immunizations, drive sales for our pharmacy and store and indirectly drive a healthy community. Key wins from our table were that we signed-up eight contacts for immunization call backs in the fall, handed out 75 welcome kits (which included a hand sanitizer, our pharmacy business card, new patient profile, coupons, and a target pen) and conducted four blood pressure screenings.

In addition, I had the pleasure of interacting with a guest in a one-one informative consultation about our specialty pharmacy because of the special medications he fills at another retailer. I was also able to help this guest compare our $4 generics medication  to the cost of medications he gets filled at his current pharmacy; I am proud to say this guest was amazed to learn about the dollar amount he could potentially save from establishing a relationship with us. In the end this guest was extremely excited to learn about our specialty pharmacy and medication cost savings. He verbally expressed to me with great enthusiasm that his next batch of medications will be filled at Target pharmacy!

As an intern, one key learning from planning the event was that during execution phase I had to think quickly on my feet and redirect my planned ideas. Initially, I planned to speak with guests about the clinical benefits of immunizations during the education process. However, this all changed after the first five minutes of interacting with guests. I definitely knew the message I wanted to get across so I figured out that each time I interact with a guest my message would have to be tailored to each individual.

Overall, the event was an amazing experience to educate our guests, drive sales, and indirectly impact our community’s health. I encourage all interns (pharmacy and non-pharmacy) to plan and execute an action plan that focuses on creating a great moment for our guests because it is truly a rewarding experience for you, your store, and most importantly, our guests.

Post by Revika, Pharmacy Intern

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