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Before applying to the Target internship program,  I did research on what Target  brand stood for as a brand. I wanted to intern for a responsible company and after doing some research I was excited to learn about Target’s involvement within the local communities.

During my third week as an intern I was lucky enough to participate in  Target’s commitment to giving back to the  community. My store pulled together a great team to make a difference in the lives of over 300 families.

Each month my store partners with the Boston Food bank and volunteers at a nearby school. When I first got to the event at the food bank my team worked to allocate vegetables into plastic bags so each family would be given the correct amount of vegetables. Each family  would be given a certain amount of produce per number of children in their family.  As soon as my team prepared the bags and tables, each team member was given a different table to be in charge of.  As soon as we were ready, families began to line up.  Then each family went around to the different tables and took the amount of food they were allotted.  It was our job to give each family food based on how many children they had.

At the event my responsibility was to hand out cucumbers. All of the families were so thankful for what they were getting. It was great hearing from little kids, “Cucumbers are my favorite” and seeing their faces brighten up. One woman told me how excited she was to juice the cucumbers and how it would last her family a while.

The event was a wonderful experience. It was great watching young children with huge smiles on their face as they helped their parents carry fresh and healthy groceries. After leaving the event I felt great knowing that local families would be able to create healthy meals for their families in the upcoming weeks. It is great to intern for a company who really cares about their local community.

Post by Monique, Stores Assets Protection Intern

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  1. I would love to learn more about the team that coordinates and manages the volunteering and nonprofit partnerships. Is that a specific career area at Target or in addition to other roles?

  2. Hi Amanda-

    Thanks for your interest! While our Community Relations teams manage the majority of our partnerships, all areas of the company are highly engaged in volunteerism. I would suggest taking a look at our Communications career area page (below) for any available openings on our Community Relations team. Positions are posted when they become available, so please keep checking back!


    Elisa and the Target Careers team

  3. Hello, my name is Deepali. When ever I enter Target, I get a great feeling of neatness,very organised merchandise, great trends at great value. I would love to be a part of Target Team. I have worked as a senior merchandiser for an import firm in Toronto. What type of opportunities should I apply for?

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