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Hello, my friends! It’s been a while since I’ve posted because I’ve been pretty busy… with vacation! That’s right, now that the sun is shining in the beautiful state of Wisconsin and we’re actually getting some warm weather around here, I’ve been spending a few weeks recently dodging mosquitoes, enjoying patios at restaurants around the city, and taking in the sun. But while I’ve been out of the store, I completed a big personal accomplishment– I ran in a quarter marathon here in Milwaukee. I chose this goal a few months ago, and of course: it all started with Target!

One of the coolest things about Target has been their commitment to what we like to call “well-being”– okay… so what is that? Breaking it down, well-being is essentially being the best “you”; and Target has a lot of tools and resources available to help each team member realize that potential. We talk about well-being at Target as focusing on five different elements– health, social, career, financial, and community. You may have read about Nick’s post in relation to him and his team donating their time at Second Harvest Heartland– this is a perfect example of the community element of well-being. There’s other great examples out there among the bloggers that touch on the different elements too! Every Target store has a “Well-Being Captain”; a leader who helps coordinate the well-being environment in the store, which includes helping connect our team members to available resources, setting up well-being events, and just generally getting the team excited about well-being!

So way back in February, our store captain asked if I’d be willing to commit to a well-being goal for the year and then post it so others could see and encourage me (as well as encourage others to share their goals too). The rules were simple: the goal could focus on any of the five well-being areas and it had to be something I would need to work on, i.e. couldn’t complete tomorrow.  I decided to focus on Health, and in a moment of (what seemed then) craziness, I committed to running a quarter marathon in June. Okay: I’m going to level with you folks out there– at that point, I was not a runner. In fact, I had run a 5k about six months before and nearly had to be carried across the finish line (maybe that’s a little over exaggeration). Regardless, I was not in the position to run a quarter marathon (6.6 miles) that day, but knew it would be a great challenge.

I started training a few months back and to be honest, I nearly fell off the training several times. But I was lucky that my entire team at the store knew my goal and would ask how I was doing– some would share their tips from running, others encouraged me to keep going, and we’d all laugh together when I wore my running shoes on my closing nights at work. My peers at other stores in my district also knew about my goal and would frequently send me emails of encouragement (which I considered to help hold me accountable!) I was so supported by everyone at Target towards this personal goal that two of my executive team leaders at my store also signed up to run the race with me, as well as a department team leader. I have never felt so supported on something before in my entire life– and these were people from my store helping me succeed with something that had nothing to do with Target. To put it simply: it was amazing.

Yes– on June 15th, I completed the run; and even more incredible was that I surprised myself both with my final time, place in the race, and my endurance during the entire quarter marathon. I was so excited about my results that I went home and signed up for a half-marathon in September, of which my whole team knows about and is helping me get to that new personal well-being goal. I just really appreciate working for a company that not only has tools to help people realize their goals, but also is filled with great people who can help you get there too.

I know this post wasn’t really about leading at a store; but I wanted to let you know that the store leadership experience goes far beyond the four walls you work in every day. Here at Target, it’s all about the team, and it’s a Team that I’m proud to be a part of!

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    Maybe you can help me. I have a profile page but I do not know how to access it! Can you tell me how? Thanks

  2. Hi Jeremy, I loved your post and just wanted to share how impressed I am with the way you role model well-being for your team. Congrats on the 1/4 marathon, you have inspired me and many others to stay focused on our personal goals!

    My best,


  3. Hi Jeremy,

    I have an interview this week and just wanted to thank you for this post. It was really encouraging to gain a little more insite on Target from an employees perspective. I’m proud to know that well-being is taken seriously with this company and look forward to being a part of the team.


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