school is out & new graduates are here

Right now is my favorite time of year!  We are on-boarding new graduates and interns in every part of our business.   As our new grads start their professional journey, they are excited, nervous, anxious and last but not least READY!  One thing I can guarantee if you start your profession with Target, you will be ready.  We have a five week training program that incorporates leadership and technical knowledge that prepares our new team members  to care for our guests’ healthcare needs.

Target also connects our new leaders to a network of other executives to support them along the way.  There are a multitude of resources to set them up for success.  We have a best practice and training for everything, so when you are in doubt you can look it up!

Our training is not only for technical expertise; we also start our leaders with resources for their individual development. My journey as a pharmacist started off a little different with another retailer and I am proud to say I am now part of a team that values training and a successful kickoff to a long career.  The resources we have at Target helped me gain the confidence I needed to be a successful leader and I have felt that way in every step of my Target journey.

Interested in a healthcare career with Target? Search and apply for opportunities here.

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  1. Does target offer management training programs for perspective employees with graduate degrees in computer information technology?

  2. As I follow Target’s OTC medications particularly for children, I see Target more in the role of a “follower” and not so much a leader. Target OTC guidelines (labeling,dosing instructions, and dispensing devices) are established by the major pharmaceutical companies and Target accepts that as their standard. I am concerned with all the new guidelines issued by the FDA for OTC children”s medication that Target may be innocently non-compliant. As a leader in this arena, Target needs to rethink this issue. Something to think about.

  3. I will have been working for Target for 4 years in August and will graduate from pharmacy school in May 2015. I have been through many ups, downs, changes, and have worked at several locations, but through everything I absolutely love working in the Target Pharmacy team. We have a really great work environment and I have yet to find a store without a positive working environment. Although we are a little antiquated in technogy, our guest and patient relations make up for it as I feel Target pharmacy teams really get to know their clients and learn to love them. We also work well as a team and depend on each other to work efficiently , as this is the case with most pharmacies. However, because we don’t have the best system, I feel like the communication among our teams are superb because we do not depend on technology to determine workflow.
    When I graduate with my PharmD in 2015, I can only pray that Target continues to have me as part of their team and I can work as a Target pharmacist. This really is a great company, and I would not be where I am today without Target pharmacy and their team members.

    Amanda Buhler
    University of the Incarnate Word
    Feik School of Pharmacy, Class of 2015

  4. Hi I’m Isabelle I was curious if you hire anyone that is under 18? Thanks

  5. Hi David-

    Thanks for commenting. Our pharmacies follow all FDA and other requirements/guidelines as specified by law. If you believe there is an issue, we encourage you to call our Integrity Hotline at 1-800-541-6838 with more details.

    Thank you,
    Elisa & the Target Career team

  6. target has the best store in the worldand that are very friendly whit the meet and greet and that a beautyful thing i will always shop at target love always your most lovin person

  7. Thanks, Crystal! We appreciate your support!

    Elisa & the Target Careers team

  8. I am an advisor at South Dakota State University and am coordinating a career day, which includes a job fair. I would like to get in touch with someone about the possibility of a Target representative attending this free event in November. Thank you for your guidance!

  9. Hi Kayte-

    Thanks so much for your comment! While most of our fall campus events have already been scheduled for 2013, I have passed your information and request on to our campus recruiting team for review and consideration.


  10. I’m about to head out for my internship and i was wondering if target will assist with furthering my education to become a pharmacist within the company?

  11. Hi Crystal –

    Thanks for asking! Target does support team member education, and our programs/offerings vary based on position. This is a great discussion to have with your manager as he/she can help you find the resources that fit your personal situation.

    Elisa and the Target Careers team

  12. I have a phone conversation with one of Target’s Pharmacy Campus Recruiters next week and I’m so excited! I have been doing a ton of research on Target Pharmacy and I really believe in the direction this company is taking toward patient care. I am so thankful for the opportunity and I hope that my dream becomes a reality next year as a Target Pharmacist!!

  13. Hi, my name is Jung. I am a pharmacist in Virginia and would like to relocate to Georgia. I have been applying jobs with Target in the areas that I am interested in Georgia maybe about 20 times but nobody has any interest in my application. One time I could see my status as “no longer considered” as soon as I turned in my application. Could you please explain?

  14. Hi my name is yesenia. I have my pharmacy tech license put I don’t have any experience on pharmacy. Could I apply to intern program?

  15. Hi Jung-

    Thank you for reaching out. We continue to post pharmacy positions as they become available and review applications from candidates who meet the job description requirements. Some of our locations receive a large number of applications, so we do encourage you to continue to apply to openings that interest you. If you would ever like to check on the status of your application, please reach out to HR Manager at the store to which you applied.

    Thank you,
    Elisa & the Target Careers team

  16. Hello!

    I just received my NJ pharmacist license last week and would love to work for Target somewhere in southeast Jersey. Are there any openings for full-time pharmacists around there?

  17. Hi! My name is Maria.
    I would like to know if I can do my pharmacy internship as a pharmacy technician at Target? I’m a foreign graduate pharmacy student and it seems that Target only accepts interns who are currently enrolled in an accredited pharmacy school.
    Thank you!

  18. hi, I am just starting off my career in pharmacy. I am currently studying to take my PTCE, but I would like to train on the job. I am trying to get into pharmacy school, and feel as if I am already in the field I will have a better chance of being accepted. Does Target offer any type of on the job training for people in my situation?

  19. hello madam,
    I am very gland to see the opportunity
    that u got i m really interested please give me a chance i will be very thanksfull to you.

    Dr.sara faisal.

  20. Hi i just like to ask if there are any opportunity for me to be one of your employees. I am a graduate of BS Nursing last 2009 but not here in the US and due to some inevitable circumstances i was not able to take the nursing board and worked as an insurance coordinator for 3 years abroad and came here to US last year. Please let me know which available position that can best fit my qualifications. Thank you

  21. Hi: Target is opening a new store somewhere here in I believe between Durham and Morrisville North Carolina.In Hwy.55.I was wondering if they are hiring for pharmacy Technician,I keep browsing at your website,but I’m not seeing anything about a new store opening in Hwy.55.I’m trying to find a job as Pharmacy The.Pls let me know..Thanks.

  22. Hi Minerva-

    Thanks for reaching out! All openings will be posted on when they become available. Keep checking back!

    Elisa & the Target Careers team

  23. Hi Jojo-

    Thanks for your interest at Target. All of our positions have unique qualifications, so I encourage you to browse our website for current openings that may fit your skills and interests. Our healthcare related jobs can be found here:

    Thank you,
    Elisa & the Target Careers team

  24. I will be a 2014 PharmD graduate. I have been looking through the current job openings and have found several I am interested in. However, all the Pharmacist position list licensing as a requirement. Can I apply for these positions prior to graduation? Or do I have to actually wait until I am licensed? Does Target hire graduating students with the agreement that they have to be licensed within a certain amount of time?…Thanks

  25. Does target have a certification program to state and nationally certify pharmacy technicians through the company?

  26. `i have an Associate Degree in Applied Science (Pharmacy) and would love the opportunity to enroll in your program.

  27. Hi,
    My wife is a foreign pharmacy graduate from the Philippines and she already has her FPGEC certificate. We’ve been trying to look for internship so that she could sit for the NAPLEX. Can you guide me how to go about this. By the way she is also an internist in the Philippines, but I don’t if this could be an asset or not for her to land an intern’s position. Thanks

  28. Hi, I am a foreign pharmacist. I passed FPGEE and TOEFL iBT and I’m looking to make my internship ours here in Michigan. Do you have any available intern position?
    I can speak 2 other languages in addition to English.

  29. Hi brandi,

    Would really like to work at Target. I do have one and half year experience as a pharmacy tech. Do have current Illinois license. I was laid off,excessive miles to work,I was let go from another job. I have applied at Target in Lombard, Il. I see the job is still open and really, really need to get back to work. Any help will be great. Thank You Brittany

  30. I relocated to NY state a few months ago.Due to the NY licensing process and having just graduated last year, it’s taking a long time to get licensed. Would I be able to be hired as an intern with Target, considering that I do have a NY intern license, until I get licensed? What is the application process in this case? Thanks..

  31. Hi Tricia-

    We recommend searching and applying for positions in your area on If you find an opening that you like, please contact the store and ask to speak to the HR manager. He or she can help you through the process and talk further about licensing procedures.

    The Target Careers team

  32. Am looking for a pharmacy technician job in the chicago area?any help?!!

  33. Hi
    I am a registered graduate pharmacy intern, State of Kansas. I am looking for a training vacancy in Overland Park City, KS.
    Thank you

  34. I am a North Dakota pharmacist. In North Dakota we have the pharmacy ownership law – similar to many Canadian provinces. I noticed that Target has introduced franchise opportunities in Canada. (
    I’m curious if Target would ever consider something similar in North Dakota?

  35. Hi Curt-

    Thanks for the comment! We do not currently have pharmacy franchising opportunities in the US, but will pass your comments along to the appropriate team for future consideration.

    Target Careers

  36. I will be gradating pharmacy school in May 2015, and I am looking to apply to a position in the Southern California area. Where can I find the information to whom I can address my cover letter to? Thanks!

  37. Hi
    I was wondering if target pharmacy are hiring foreign graduate pharmacy intern who have MA intern license ?
    and if so what are the requirement

  38. Glad to hear you’re interested in Target! All of our current openings are posted on You can learn more about the application process by visiting our career site.

    Target Careers

  39. Hi
    I have completed Bachelor of pharmacy from India. Can I apply any Target pharmacy positions and if so what are the requirements to get any pharmacy jobs at Target ?

  40. Hello,

    We’re glad to hear you’re interested in Target! All of our current openings are posted on On the website you will be able to view openings and job requirements for pharmacy openings.

    Thank you,

  41. I will be graduating as a PharmD next year and I am interesting in applying for a pharmacy intern position with Target. How do I go about this? I have searched through openings using Target’s career site but only see about a half dozen positions in my state, all for managers, float pharmacists, etc. Thank you.

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