My Target Internship Experience

My name is James, and I am an executive intern in Delaware. When I first started the internship process, I had no idea what to expect. Every day seemed to be a new experience with exciting new challenges to overcome.

My story begins with the executive internship orientation in the beginning of the summer. When I first stepped into the room full of eager interns I was pleasantly surprised to see all the effort Target put into making the experience enjoyable and as educational as possible. I have heard a great deal of stories from fellow students participating in internships that that didn’t take full advantage of their skills, time or talents. As I first stepped into the room full of Target employees, one thing became very clear to me rather quickly- my experience was not going to be one of those stories. In fact, I knew on that very first day that this internship would be well worth my time and I was lucky to be there.

When I first entered my own store in Dover I felt somewhat overwhelmed. Target’s culture was certainly not something I was used to as a student with no real work experience. Target has it’s own language of acronyms and short-cuts to words which can really create some confusion for a newcomer like me. But when a Target team member explains to you that the company is about being inviting and fun you quickly discover that they mean it! In my experience, every team member I have come into contact with has treated me with respect. If I had a question about the business they always took the time to explain it to me in great detail. If a guest asked me a question about where something was in the store that I didn’t know the location, there always seemed to be a magical voice on the end of my walkie telling me where it was located. My mentor stayed with me in the beginning of the internship when I needed her then she let me grow on my own. There was one aspect of the internship that I enjoyed more than anything else: the flexibility. I was able to see all the ins-and-outs of Target just by asking my mentor or store team leader if I could participate in that function for the day. If I wanted to see how the various departments operated (such as assets protection, human resources,  pharmacy, softlines, hardlines, logistics, etc) all I had to do was ask! This experience has been wonderful, and I would fully recommend the Target executive internship program to anyone eager to learn.

Post by James, Stores Executive Intern

Learn more about Target opportunities for college students here.

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