My home away from home

Change. If I had to sum up my summer spent interning for Target in one word, this would have to be it. One would think that walking into my assigned store as an executive team lead human resources intern for the first time and meeting an entirely new team, hoping to fit in with my red and khaki, would be enough change for one day. However, one could also say that my first day looked a little different than most. Reason being: my store is located in the heart of the windy city of Chicago, which became my temporary home just a short two days before my internship began. When coming from a rural town in Wisconsin, which seems to be the size of just a few city blocks, simply arriving to my store on the first day posed to be a challenge.

On my first day, I ventured out from my new apartment not even knowing the names of the surrounding streets and hoping that this thing called “The L” would get me to where I needed to be. Let’s just say that after a few wrong turns Google maps proved to be my life-saver.

Seven weeks later, I am no longer worrying about my commute but rather spending my days immersed in learning the ins and outs of the Leader on Duty (LOD) role and taking the reins of my store’s HR team. It didn’t take long to fully embrace the Target culture and  with the excitement of the city. Honestly, I feel like this is where I belong. I know without a doubt that I wouldn’t be able to say the same if it wasn’t for the “Target Family” that I have come to know and be a part of in these last several weeks. From the moment I walked into the door, I knew that this is a company I could see myself at for many years to come. The upbeat and energetic team welcomed me by name and was more than enthusiastic to have me as a new addition.

Looking back, I wouldn’t have changed anything about my first day or any of the other days in between. Target has given me opportunities that I only thought possible in my wildest dreams, but these opportunities have changed me as a person and changed me for the better. Target has developed me as a leader and given me the confidence I need to be my best self. Ultimately, Target has truly become my home away from home.

Post by Kelsey, Stores Executive Team Leader – Human Resources Intern

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