Life as the “LOD”

As a Target executive team leader (ETL) intern I am not only exposed to new faces, surprise store visits, and an infinite amount of training, but every few days I am able to stand at the front of the store with a huge smile on and say, “this is mine.”  Well, sort of. There are a handful of individuals in each store who get to carry on their backs the title of “LOD” (leader on duty) multiple times a week, a month, and/or a year…if you are an ETL-Intern you will more than likely receive the opportunity to do this.  Every Wednesday night I close the store with my mentor and get to put on the LOD “hat”.

It is the LOD’s responsibility to know who is working the upcoming shifts, ensure their knowledge of payroll for the week and month are up to date, and lastly but definitely not least, understand where each department of the store stands depending on the time of day.  It’s the LOD’s responsibility to hold every team member in the building accountable, ensure guests are receiving nothing but amazing experiences, address any “bumpy” departments and applaud the “smooth” ones, and even make sure the trash out front is not overflowing!

From the start of my LOD shift, to the closing minutes when I walk the store to ensure no guests are left in the building my mentor and I get to call the shots.  Target is trusting me every Wednesday night, and a few weekends here and there, to help run the store and make every team member’s and guest’s experience AMAZING.  Target truly empowers their employees. I am given more responsibility here than most college students could ever dream of. Do college students dream of responsibility? I do.

A few times a month, I get to live the life of an LOD. On a daily basis?  Well I do the same thing, just in my individual department!  I have to admit though, occasionally I love to jump around to the other ones.  But when it’s time to be LOD, I’m the leader.  Thanks Target, for not just giving me a great summer to remember, but for giving me an amazing summer which I will never forget.

Post by Jessica, Stores Human Resources Intern

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3 Replies to “Life as the “LOD””

  1. So what do LODs and ETLs do? Because from what I’ve seen, all they do is walk around and point fingers. Which seems to be all they do with their hands at all, aside from clocking in and out.

  2. Hi Miss Jessica, LOD in training. If your store ever gets a remodel, you may just see me and/or my colleagues working in your store overnight. I’m a fixture installer. I work for a retail installation company, under contract from Target corporate. We build everything from gondolas, to back room shelving, to Starbucks, to your new Optical Department. (And more!)

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