Improving safety for our guests

In the midst of my third week interning at Target pharmacy, our executive pharmacist came to me with an assignment. She had been cleaning out the storage room to prevent pharmacy diversion and came across a Sharps Container.  For those of you wondering, Sharps are any device that can puncture or penetrate the skin. Home Sharps Containers hold items such needles used for the treatment of diabetes, glass, and syringes. Sharps Containers must be disposed of properly because they put workers on collection routes at risk for Hepatitis, HIV, and other potentially harmful blood borne pathogens and diseases.

So taking this into account, where does one take a Sharps Container?  How do you properly dispose of it? Our whole team honestly had no idea, and that’s where my part began.. First, I did a little research into what kind of support our county offers for waste disposal. From there, I took our Sharps container to one of the clinics listed as being a disposal center.

After a little bit of thinking and discussing with my mentor, we decided to share our knowledge gained from this experience with our guests. Many of our guests use self-injection at home and aren’t always aware of proper safety steps that need to be taken with their used needles. We printed out a list of clinics within our county and all pertinent information about proper Sharps disposal. We taught our team about counseling points for our guests. It has been a fun and easy experience that came to our team. However, it has taught me that even as an intern I have the potential to impact my store, guests, and community.

Post by Mary Alice,  Pharmacy Intern

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