And some days the coolers stop working

There are certain phrases and terms that Target team members hear often. One that always resonates with me is the idea of being resilient and adaptable. Take it from me; this is probably one of the most important qualities to have in Target, because you never know what kind of curve balls are going to be thrown at you throughout the day. I see every day what being resilient and adaptable does for the benefit of the store, leaders and team members. Some days you set sales planners without realizing the product has not come in yet, some days you spend hours zoning cosmetics only to have it looks completely different  hours later. And then some days the coolers stop working.

I had just gotten off of my break when I was called to meet up with one of my stores logistics leaders. He was in the grocery section and there was “a problem with one of the coolers.” When I arrived I instantly saw that something was wrong – the aisle that is usually jam packed with meat, cheeses, party trays and hot dogs (among other things) was half empty and the team was quickly trying to load all of the product into two-tier carts. As it turns out, there was only a short window of time to get the product out and downstairs to the cooler before it dropped out of the appropriate temperature zone.

As we all worked together to get the product into the carts and wheeled down to the cooler, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself about the situation. Just earlier that day while walking with  my leader  he told me that generally the midday shift is  a lot of follow up and setting the closing leader up for success, however it can be a little slower than other times of day. And now here we were, frantically trying to save an entire aisle’s worth of food. To me, that situation is the very definition of being resilient and adaptable. The plan for the rest of the day clearly did not originally include a massive transport of food to the cooler, but with quick thinking and the help of a few team members all of the food was saved.

So next time you think you are going to have an uneventful shift, just remember – some days everything can run smoothly as can be, and some days the coolers stop working.

Post by Meghan,  Executive Human Resources Intern

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