The Unwritten Rules & My Target Family

“Family” is how I would describe my on-boarding experience at Target so far. Each team member has treated me as a true Target team member- holding me to high expectations, yet continuing to volunteer their time and knowledge to help me own my own development. Team members do not become frustrated with my questions, but rather smile and recognize me once I master something new. To anyone who has not experienced the atmosphere in a Target store, spending more time at “work” than at home may sound undesirable, yet I do not mind one bit.

My experience in assets protection this summer has been very different than my experiences last summer. The change has been a learning opportunity for me- meeting a new team, attaining new levels understanding, and expanding my horizon. My eight hour shifts have flown by and I feel inspired for my future leadership opportunities. Target embraces diversity in the workplace, being a visible win for my store.

Bored is not in the vocabulary here at Target stores, and sitting at a desk is a rarity. At Target there is constantly something to do or someone to communicate with. When I am not on the floor, I am reviewing reports and innovating new ways to improve our numbers. Aside from operational scores, I have learned a few “unwritten rules” here at Target:

  1. When leader on duty, comfortable shoes are a must. You will not be seated- EVER.
  2. When you are wearing a new red shirt, you best know where it is from, because someone will ask and expect answers.
  3. When you’re shopping at a khaki sale, expect to see at least two other Target team members shopping the same rack!

I love my job and I am excited for another six AMAZING weeks!

Post by Tory, Assets Protection Intern

Learn more about Target opportunities for college students here.


5 Replies to “The Unwritten Rules & My Target Family”

  1. I have been trying for months to try to get a chance to interview for a job with target. I have had no such luck. I just wish I could get an opportunity to work for your company.

  2. Hi Robert-

    Thanks for your interest in Target! New positions are posted daily on our careers website and we encourage you to continue to apply for positions that fit your skills and interests.

    Positions for all areas of the company are available at

    Elisa and the Target Careers team

  3. as the old zellers closed iwas wondering why target has not explored this promising location for a store with the growing population of pettawawamilitary base eacl and surouding area thousands of cars past this location every day to go and shop at the other end of town i would please like your company to explore this promising location thank you

  4. I am a work activity coordinator at social services in Baltimore,Md. Target is opening a store at Canton Crossing on October8,2013. We have customers who receive social services/ cash assistance who would be interested in applying for jobs. Would the company be willing to have a mini job fair for us? If not, how should I proceeed to try to get my customers to apply? There will be other stores there. Will there be a job fair there for all stores and what date, please. Thanks for assistance in this matter.

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