Midwest Field Internship Program Kickoff

As I pulled into the parking lot of our Target Northern Campus in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota this morning, I was barely able to contain my excitement for our Midwest Field Internship Program Kickoff! We get the opportunity to reconnect with some amazingly talented college students and officially welcome them to Target! It has been the culmination of our leadership and campus recruitment teams’ hard work and dedication to seek out these talented individuals to engage in our Stores, Pharmacy and Distribution summer internship program! The goal of our program is to provide a realistic job preview into our entry-level leadership and pharmacy roles at Target. We have been anticipating this day for a long ten months and are thrilled it’s finally upon us!

Our leadership teams and business partners were amongst the first to welcome our interns on their first day, who were all sporting our team colors of red and khaki. While our leaders shared their personal development stories and career journeys here at Target, they also reiterated the following: “Each intern is here to learn about our roles within Stores, Pharmacy and Distribution, but also to gain leadership development and training. We are excited to have each of you with us. We are committed to supporting, training and developing you. We challenge each of you to personally make the most of this experience by stepping outside your comfort zone, asking questions, seeking new experiences and build meaningful relationships while you are with us. Each intern will get feedback, and that is ok. It’s a part of our Target culture of continuous development, but we do it because we care and want to see each of you grow and be successful over the next ten weeks!”

After lunch and some intern mingling, we got to the much anticipated part of the afternoon… district team presentations. District team presentations provide the interns, intern captains and leaders an opportunity to put together a presentation to highlight each team’s mission, values, focus areas and goals. It is also a time to flex our creative side to add some individual flair! During the hour, we popped some tags with our Target Redcards at the “Loyalty Shop,” learned Distribution interns like big trucks (they cannot lie and stores partners can’t deny) and experienced the Harlem Shake. Let’s just say, there were many laughs and cheers for each team! It was also great to hear what each intern values and wants to personally get out of their experience as a Target intern.

After a day full of team bonding, laughter, insight and direction, our interns set out on their leadership journey. Over the next several weeks, each intern will train and shadow one-on-one with a mentor, learn more about our operations, engage with our Target team members and leaders, focus on development and begin leading the business.  It’s going to be a great summer at Target!

Post by Kristen, Field Internship Program Owner

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  • Arlin

    June 5th, 2013

    I’m glad to hear that other areas had as an amazing orientation as I did, it’s going to be a great internship session!