Feed + Target

I hope by now you’ve seen that Target has partnered with Lauren Bush Lauren to bring a collection of products to shelves on June 30th. (FEED + Target is yet another example of Target’s commitment to giving back because the FEED + Target collaboration hopes to donate over 10 million meals through the FEED Foundation.) This collection has a ton of great items, some of which I was fortunate enough to help develop.

In some instances, PD+D teams will collaborate with design partners and help bring their product ideas to life or work through details. For Lauren’s collection, I worked on the bicycle, water bottles, iPhone 5 case, ceramic tumblers and baking dishes to name a few. At least, those are the products that have been made public at time of writing! Lauren is showing off the product in this video here.We were also lucky enough to meet Lauren and volunteer with her at a local food distribution center. Even Laysha Ward, our president of Community Relations, pitched in and helped out. Watch the video and look for the guy taping boxes. That’s me!

Working on the FEED USA + Target collaboration was an incredible growth experience for me and forced me outside my comfort zone. I’d never been responsible for development of bake ware, bicycles or water bottles, but I still needed to bring high quality product to market for our guest. Daunting as that seems, if you take this back to first principles, this is exactly what I do everyday – take partners into foreign and uncomfortable spaces to do something amazing. It seems counter-intuitive  but I could actually rely on experience because I did it when I worked on frames, and I did it when I worked on unmanned systems. Sure, the content was wildly different, but the underlying challenges and goals were the same.

Engineers out there, I really want you to hear me on that point. If you’re driven by creating great user experiences and products, be it in medical devices, software, or electronics, that skill set can be applied at Target. Even if you’re doing detailed hardware design, we’re still doing the same thing at the most basic level – solving problems and building things!

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