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And the journey continues…

All good things must come to an end?  The end is the beginning is the end?  Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end?  Hmm… no… these don’t seem to articulate it right…

I’ll cut to the chase.  The time has come.  I had my last week in Small Appliances and this week is the start of my new journey in the world of  **T O Y S**.  That’s right.  In the time between my last post and this post, I have a new gig.  And lemme tell you, I am eggggggcited =D  {and a little scurrrred… just a teeny tiny bit… in a good way}.

I suppose I could have moved to any category, but I’m pretty pumped about Toys … not just because of the fun products but because of the handful of parallels I think small appliances has prepared me for.  National brand vendors… Holiday sensitive business… continuing category growth into the digital space… and let’s not forget the real parallel :: the fact that both kitchen appliances and fairy dolls have zero presence in my personal life.  Although to be fair… pre-Target personal life.  Now I’m a kitchen gadget aficionado who probably should have an extension cord for my kitchen outlets.  I’m 99.9% sure I’ll be beyond proficient in my princess knowledge in no time.  My new niece will think I’m the best. aunt. ever. {nevermind that I’m her only aunt…}

I think I mentioned it before but Target HQ team members move roles quite frequently – and buyers are probably the epitome of this.  It may seem risky from a stability standpoint to have people hoppin’ around all over the place, but there’s definitely a method to the madness.  No one moves to just move… the catalyst for movement is for the sake of development and keeping people succeeding into new + challenging roles.  The result is a win-win :: Target has team members who are devoid of complacency, kept on their toes, and regularly motivated + engaged with their assignments.  Target also gains business units that are managed + regularly challenged by a fresh set of eyes, a current perspective, and a new point of view.  All in all, I think it keeps our company balanced, forward, and moving ahead of the competition.

So as I close the first chapter of my Target life and turn the page to my second, I have to give a little shout-out to all the folks who supported me during not only my time in smapps {smapps = small appliances}, but my time learning how to be a buyer!  You know who you are… the one who was the best analyst EVER, the one who took mercy on all my late grid submissions, the one who translated all the lingo for me {oh wait, salesplans = endcaps?}, the one who listened to all my crazy ideas and sometimes even pursued them, the one who taught me the shortcuts in our financial planning system, the one who took time to always provide feedback, the one let me do dry runs of my final POG walks, the one who showed me where the secret salad bar is in the café {fresh salmon???!}…  the list of ones goes on + on… but most importantly the one who was my partner in crime for all things kitchen, who was my mentor, master strategist, and favorite cubicle neighbor – and who probably is still reeling from the fact that I used the word “folks” in this post.

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  1. monica said:

    Toys?? How fun!! My 3- and 4-year-old girls are free anytime to test run the products. I will think of you in the future while searching our toy department for just that one single My Little Pony my daughter HAS to have!

  2. Erik said:

    Wishing you all the best in the new adventure!
    Erik vM

  3. Laura said:

    Congrats on your new move!! Toys will be so exciting!

  4. Joan said:

    Congrats on the move and welcome to hardlines!

  5. elena said:

    do they ever hire mature, older people who are looking for job? in this target store all I can see young people with experience or with no experience, mostly of them have no experience raining but they were hired by the managers of target. if target train the young people why can they train the older people? isn’t that shame? I am able to work and be good worker, excellent customer services, team worker, positive attitude, fast learner, working weekends, available, reliable. target won’t hire me. thank you target.

  6. elisa said:

    Hi Elena-

    Thanks for letting us know how you feel. Target takes pride in its talented and diverse workforce. We appreciate and celebrate all of our team members, including those with long-term experience. We encourage you to continue to apply for positions you’re interested in at If you have additional concerns or would like to discuss further, please contact our Integrity Hotline team at (800) 541-6838 for assistance.

    Thank you,
    Elisa & the Target Careers team

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