we’re moving things around

Tell me you’ve never walked into a Target store, headed for your favorite shampoo or box of cereal– and STOP: it’s not there. You know it’s always been there…in that spot, but it’s gone! You ask a team member while frantically looking around, and there it is– one aisle over! Why did this happen? How did this happen?

That is the magic of what we call “transitions” in the stores; the updating of departments with new products, signing, and layout to create a fresh feel. If you read the other blogs on this site like Jessica (the buyer) and Reid (a lead product engineer), you know that people are constantly behind the scenes sourcing and creating new products for us to sell in the stores. A few times a year, every department in a store gets to go through a transition to add these products, and let me tell you– it’s a big deal! This is where I get to step in and lead the team through executing the “vision” of the transition. It’s no small task as it involves so many different leaders and team members to get it done right the first time.

This process all starts a few weeks out from the actual transition– we get a big packet of information about the transition and the major changes that will be happening. I sit down with all the leaders involved to ensure we have a great plan in place to make it work for our store. Sometimes, these transitions are small– aisles stay the same and we keep existing signing. Those are the easy ones! Sometimes, like our recent Lawn and Patio transition, it can be a huge deal- new aisles need to be built, overhead signing needs to be changed out, and furniture will get assembled.

My role continues in this whole process by making sure my teams have the resources and team members they need to be able to complete their portion of the transition on time. I also follow up frequently before and during the process to make sure we are following Target’s direction for the transition. There are times we hit a snag in the process– pieces of furniture that we need didn’t get shipped to the store or we’re missing a key signing element. We usually can maneuver through these issues through some great communication between leaders, and setting key reminders to follow-up when the items we need arrive at the store.

Finally, I like to do a final walk through with the executive team leader after the transition is complete to ensure details are wrapped up and celebrate the completion! It’s truly a great moment when all the planning, collaboration, and execution come together to have a department that feels refreshed and new to our guest and team.

Now the next time we move around your favorite product, I hope you’ll look around the department just a little bit differently!

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