Happy New Year! Time for some change…

Long time no talk! I so apologize that I haven’t posted over the holidays…

That being said, I think it is the perfect time to explain the reason for my delay of blogging to you, my fabulous readers, and that is due to an inherent trait of any position at Target; transition time. Something that many business analysts have in common at Target is their need to constantly be challenged and experience new things. Target does an incredible job at delivering on that expectation.  As you may know from previous posts, I trained in the Beauty Business, was placed during my first year in the Baby Care business, and was just recently moved to the Sports and Outdoors business; how exciting! From ordering mascara and curling irons, to diapers and formula, to tents and unicycles, it doesn’t get much more diverse than that. I didn’t even know we sold unicycles on Target.com until last week! You can see the fun and friendly culture in the fact that I have been exposed to and have helped run more than 3 businesses in 5+ different industries in the 16 months I have worked here.

Not only do these changes help challenge me in my work, but they also help me learn to adapt to different styles of communication, management and team dynamics.  This is a skill that benefits me daily not only at Target but in my relationships with family and friends as well. The most exciting part of a transition, however, is the new set of eyes someone brings to your old business and the ones you bring to your new business. Taking over a new position allows you to see all of the opportunities in the business that a pair of fresh eyes can bring to it.  I believe this is one of the reasons Target is so successful and something you should practice during this New Year. If I can get so used to running a business in 12 months that I have the ability to overlook the simple things that would make it better, what are you overlooking in your life? Take January as an opportunity to look at all the little aspects in your life with a new set of eyes. What are you missing out on? How can you make your life a little more interesting? Whether you talk to a friend, or look at your life in a different way, try this exercise out. Then, when you realize how much you love it, come back to Target.com/careers and apply for a job as a business analyst because that is what we get to do all the time 🙂

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  1. Hello Amanda,
    My name is Patricia and i am taking a marketing class and a project of hours is to interview a professional, so I was wondering if i could ask you a couple of questions regarding your job.
    Thank you!

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