The Everyday Collection

Have you seen them yet?

The new “Everyday Collection” (click here) ads premiered recently, bringing a new, glamorous, and yet witty twist to everyday groceries. It’s probably not what you expect for a grocery commercial. But then again, it’s Target!

Way back since the late 1960’s, Target has been blessed with a term our Guests gave us – “Tar-zhay”. Years and years of a focus on trends and successful design partnerships from Michael Graves to Missoni have built a strong association with style and chic appeal… without compromising our dedication to affordable prices. Yet in talking to our Guests, the grocery team knew that food and household needs just weren’t perceived in the same way as the rest of the store. That’s why I’m so excited for this launch!

I love the Everyday Collection campaign because it humorously brings that same Tar-zhay feel to the more routine, traditionally mundane world of grocery. It’s completely unique –“It’s not just different for the way Target has talked about grocery, it’s really different for the way anyone has talked about grocery, which is one of the most exciting things about this campaign because no one is doing it,” said Carolyn Sakstrup, director, Marketing in a recent A Bullseye View article. It was a white space, and a perfect opportunity for Target. In other words, who else could make commercials about eggs, cake mix, vitamins, laundry detergent, and fresh meat seem fashionable and funny at the same time?

That’s why working in the marketing department here at Target is so interesting. We’re trying new and completely radical approaches, but yet always remembering to ground ourselves in our brand promise and the wants and needs of our Guest. What will the marketing team come up with next? I invite you to come join us and be a part of the history-making!

P.S. I’ve seen the Everyday Collection commercials numerous times and still get a good chuckle. My personal favorite is “Ravenous”. What’s yours?


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  1. Love it! Today’s moms are frumpy homemakers in mom jeans…we are stylish, sometimes even glamorous, while doing what moms do.

    My favorite is “dominate the bake sale” and climbing the ladder in heels (only because I have done it).

    This is what makes Tar-zhay great! Well done.

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